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deserted detail. What is the game, why did the show fail and what can we count on?

deserted detail.  What is the game, why did the show fail and what can we count on?

Last week we saw a real cabaret. Abandoned developers invited players to the cool demo of the game, and posted a teaser on Then the show was delayed due to “technical problems”. Friday after a long wait And some apologiesAnd The team updated the app and showed the same footage on Tuesday.

Abandoned is not a horror movie

The editors were given the opportunity to talk to the developers and as it turns out – Deserted is not a horror movie. Although Sony initially announced production as a horror story, the developers decided to explain the situation:

“Abandoned is a shooter/survival game. It has some horror elements, but it really isn’t a horror game. It’s not what people think it is – it’s Silent Hill.”

Journalists were given details of the plot and gameplay, highlighting: “This is not Silent Hill. This is not Metal Gear”. As it turns out, the situation will not even invite us to the open world – It is a linear shooter with survival elements:

“We initially said it was going to be an open world game. But because of the high-quality graphics we have now, we had to give it up. It’s not really an open world anymore – it’s a linear story.”

Abandoned tells the story of Jason Longfield who wakes up in a strange forest – this information has already been provided by Sony, confirms it The authors have prepared interesting mechanisms related to the main character, but this has nothing to do with previous rumors:

“The way you explore, take damage, and how you play the game is completely different. We achieve this thanks to high-quality motion capture. We capture the motion for ourselves, and we create game systems that rely on data from the animation.”

Creators want to show it Jason may react differently after a run because he’s running low – this will affect his accuracy, for example. The same is true when he gets nervous because “everything affects the way you play”.

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Hassan Kahraman (the studio head in charge of the deserted) confirmed it twice It is not affiliated with Hideo Kojima. The developer made no secret of it The latest demo of the game is “a really big disaster” and players are disappointed.

“Basically we had to cut some footage out of the opening teaser and I realized it wasn’t a good idea to use the same footage we have on Twitter and put it in the app because it’s literally only four seconds and it doesn’t do much. But we had to do it because people wanted an update, right?” Our first priority was – just release the patch or we’ll add more content later.”

Hassan Kahraman confirmed this The problems started with the engine, and taming it was an issue as the game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 – Although several teams are helping with the project, everything is “getting out of control”. The developers understand that UE5 is not good for such projects, but they had to use it because of the features that this engine has.

“the first show [prezentacji] Things did not go well. But surely when the time comes, we will be adding more content to the app and people will be able to see it.

Abandoned has nothing to do with Metal Gear Solid

Abandoned may be presented at Gamescom, but the authors don’t want to say big words at the moment. The team is preparing a cinematic trailer, after which a demo will be released in the form of a playable introduction:

“The intro to the gameplay will come shortly after the Cinematica reveal. But again – we don’t want to announce a date. One thing I’ve learned is not to announce something too quickly, you don’t want it to be too tiring for you. But it will be soon, yeah .

Hasan Kahraman also explained the topic of the nerve in the eye of the mysterious person – this is a coincidence. The creators did not realize that someone would associate their game with Metal Gear Solid:

Eye sleep mask. Everyone immediately associated her with Solid Snake. But I said, “People think it’s Silent Hill, so it wouldn’t make sense to associate it with Snake.” I must admit it was a big mistake. But it cannot be changed now because it is too late.”

Watch your personal NME and remember: “This is not a picture of Solid Snake at all”. In fact, he is the main opponent abandoned.

“People said, ‘No, this is a stock image, I ripped off this page, I can tell. The thing is, this is actually a MetaHuman driven character [technologia Unreal Engine 5]. He looks bald, but he has some light hairs on his face. But it’s so blurry that you can’t see it.

Abandoned is not a scam?

The head of the studio did not hide that recent situations affected the developers and even the creative director himself:

“Members of the Blue Box team, as well as the freelancers we work with, are now uncomfortable showing their faces. It’s no fun being labeled a cheater, right? So, yeah, that’s why people are now uncomfortable showing their faces or Even publicly declaring their involvement in Abandoned”

“I’m really depressed right now. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. What bothers me the most is simply that people refer to us as cheaters. This is a big thing that really hurts. Because that’s not my intention at all, you know?”

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