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Devil Cordage: He talks about a great tragedy! Much forgotten about it!

Devil Cordage: He talks about a great tragedy!  Much forgotten about it!

Barbara Cordage the Devil With her vulgar entry about border guards officers, she fell into a large part of Polish society.

Sure enough, TVP and Jackowski Kurski got into trouble, informing her that he was kicking her out of “M jak miłość” and there was no room for her in Woronicz.

The cellular network with which the actress was associated for many years began to be attacked by Internet users, who demanded a response from them. The company was limited to a short statement distancing itself from entering its star.

It is impossible not to notice that Basya is paying a heavy price for her honesty and the fact that she has been swept away in emotions. Even though she apologized twice, people still bothered her. For several days she was silent on her Instagram, where she was very active until the scandal broke out …

In the end, she decided to remember herself. On InstaStories published two reports. In one of them, she published an excerpt from a book by Maria Konopnica, which, years ago, described the return of Poles from the failed emigration to South America.

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“No one wants to take them under the roof. They starved for 21 days in the forests, stealing vegetables, sleeping in the mud, in the trenches because it was raining” – we read in part of the writer’s letter.

Perhaps the Cordy Demon wanted to educate its citizens in this way that the Poles were refugees many years ago and were struggling with a similar drama currently taking place on our eastern frontier.

On the next slide, you mention that Maria Konopnica has been in a relationship with a woman for many years. Perhaps this is a reference to the equally difficult situation of the LGBT community, which has to deal with brutal hatred on the Vistula…

Bassia’s successful comeback?

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