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Diablo 4 leaked, character creator and another curiosity has hit the net

Diablo 4 leaked, character creator and another curiosity has hit the net
August 5, 2022, 9:00 pm

More leaks about Diablo 4 have appeared on the web, and they are mainly about creating the character. Beware of minor spoilers.

Jason Schreier seems to have opened some kind of Pandora’s box, Flags A world around alpha testing in progress Diablo IV. As if in response to this message on the game’s subreddit I started More information will appear About it (some of them have been removed in moderation, however she has Don’t do this anymore). nothing like that – They are basically about creating a character – But if you’d rather avoid any of them, even the smallest spoilersSkip the rest of this message.

Diablo 4 Character Builder

Initially, we will be greeted with a screen where we will go to the character creator. First we will choose One of the five chapters – Wizard, priest, barbarian, necromancer or villain.

Diablo 4 is leaking, character creator and another curiosity that hit the web - illustration #1


Then we are required to specify the gender and appearance of the hero. As you can see in the drawing below, There are no sliders in the menu – which even appeared in Immortal Diablo – Enable, for example, to modify the features of the protagonist’s face. However, unlike Diablo IIIwe will be able to decide on it, Choose one of the combinations prepared by the developers.

Diablo 4 leaked, character creator and another curiosity has hit the network - Illustration #2


Next, we will determine if it should be an avatar for our game Tattoos, makeup and jewelryAs well as the color of his skin and hair.

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Diablo 4 Leaks, Character Creator & Other Curiosities Available Online - Illustration #3


Finally, you have to do Decide on the difficulty level. The leak indicates that – as in the “three” – on the first try we will be able to start the game with a level of challenge worthy of “adventurer” And the “Veteran”. There will also be the possibility of creating a “militant” character, which we will irrevocably lose at the first death.

Diablo 4 leaked, character creator and another curiosity has hit the network - Illustration #4


Trade in items

else a leak suggest that Diablo IV You will be able to trade items with other players, but Rare (yellow), magic (blue) and normal (gray), plus limited range (I’m using the “Color Scheme” approved in Diablo III, because we do not yet know what will appear in the “four”). This means that we will not sell Legendary, Unique, or Bundle Loot to friends.

Microtransactions issue

Condolences – and in conclusion – I would like to add that Jason Schreyer already mentioned notewhich – which In alpha version Diablo IV There are no microtransactions. That doesn’t mean, however, that we won’t see them in the final version of the game either. Blizzard confirm it Some time ago, yes, they would, but It should be limited to cosmetic ingredients onlyand not allowing a paid advantage over other players (pay to win), as in Immortal Diablo. Well, we will live, we will see.

Diablo IV Scheduled to be released in 2023 For PC, PS4, PS5, XOne and XSX/S.

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