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Diablo Immortal – Want to fully upgrade your character? Get ready to spend 500,000 PLN

Diablo Immortal - Want to fully upgrade your character?  Get ready to spend 500,000 PLNThe game Diablo Immortal appeared on the Android and iOS platforms a few days ago. Since then, it has collected a lot of positive comments from players and reviewers. So it seems that Bethesda studio has well entered the world of smartphone production. One of the advantages of the game is undoubtedly that it is free. Of course, as in many products of this type, there were also microtransactions. One YouTuber decided to take a look at them.

Diablo Immortal is a free game. I mean – we’ll download it for free. However, the game system does indeed provide micropayments. It turns out that they can reach hundreds of thousands of zlotys.

Diablo Immortal - Want to fully upgrade your character?  Get ready to spend a minute.  500 thousand zlotys [1]

According to the calculations of the YouTuber from the Bellular News channel, if we want to “maximize” our character, we will have to prepare for expenses of almost half a million zlotys ($110 thousand). These in-game upgrades are done with Legendary Gems, but this currency is only available in Legendary loot chests, which makes it hard to get. Join the thread Reddit users who figured we wouldn’t shut ourselves down that much…

According to their calculations, it should be added to the above amount of 110 thousand PLN. Gap. About 40 thousand more gap. (about 170 thousand PLN). why? Well, because the developers have created an upgrade system that only unlocks when the player upgrades their 5 star gems to level 10. This is where the extra money is “buried”. Of course, no one tells us to play with the wallet. However, when we resign from support, it can take us … up to 10 years to fully develop the character. I think it no longer surprises me that due to microtransactions, the game has not been released in some countries (Belgium and the Netherlands).

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