September 23, 2021

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Diana Rudnick used to say "sell" face and honor.  Previously worked for TVP

Diana Rudnick used to say “sell” face and honor. Previously worked for TVP

  • Diana Rudnick, during a special event marking the 20th anniversary of TVN24 in Sopot, referred to the recently voted controversial lex channel.
  • “The last days show that there will always be money for which you can sell face and honor,” – said the presenter, for which she received a lot of applause.
  • Diana Rudnick has been working on television from an early age. For many years she was associated with the TVP station. He now works for TVN where he is the face of “Fakty”.
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Summit Top Sopot Festival 2021 In Forrest Opera is behind us. However, the party’s echoes persist. Viewers especially celebrated one of the hosts of TVN24’s 20th Anniversary Special, Diana Rudnick. The presenter referred to the political situation in the country, specifically to the recently voted and controversial lex TVN.

– said Diana Rudnick from the stage. Her statement was met with great applause from the audience.

Diana Rudnick – who is she and what does she do?

Diana Rudnick She was born in 1973. She studied at Opole University (at the Institute of Social Sciences), where she graduated in political science with a specialization in journalism. In 1992, she started her television career. First, she worked in the Opole editorial office at TVP3 Katowice, and then at TVP3 Łódź.

– She talked about her beginnings in her career in an interview with “Nowa Tribune Opolska”.

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Diana Rudnick has also worked for Polsat and TV4. In 2006, she returned to TVP, where she worked for 10 years. She led, among other things, the main issue of “Wiadomości” on TVP1.

In 2016, she joined TVN24, being the presenter of the popular program “Fakty po Faktach”. Soon she became the face of the main issue “Fakty” on TVN. But for some time, it was excluded from running the program. In April this year. It is back and viewers can now watch it again 19.00.

Photo: Adam Jankowski/Reporter/East News

Diana Rudnick, Grzegorz Kajdanowicz, Anita Werner

In 2016, Diana Rudnick took second place in the Telekamer Tele Tygodnia poll. Maciej Orłos was the best in the “News Presenter” category.

Photo: Pawel Przybyszewski / mwmedia / MW Media

Diana Rudnick: You can sell face and honor. Previously worked for TVP

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Diana Rudnick – Private Life

Diana Rudnick takes her privacy seriously. She is the wife of Marius Rudnik – the publisher of TVN and TVN24. His beloved, who runs marathons in his spare time, struck the broadcaster with his passion. Thanks to him, Diana Rudnick has already managed to finish the half marathon.

Diana Rudnick is a mother of two teens and, as she herself says, is one of the most important men in her life (besides her husband).

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“The day is certainly too short. I am constantly fighting for every hour to reconcile everything … First, to be with the boys, to make them feel that their mother is close, that she is always there for them. Meet me. Friends, I read books ”- said Diana Rudnik in an interview with “Tele Tygodnik”.

Photo: Bartos Krupa/East News

Diana Rudnick: You can sell face and honor. Previously worked for TVP

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