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Did the US Vice President use the mob? Former allies criticize Harris

Did the US Vice President use the mob?  Former allies criticize Harris

Rumors about Camilla Harris’ dangerous way of managing the team surfaced in July this year. Her colleagues said working with the first female vice president in American history was “frustrating” and “inactive.”

His spokesman Simon Sanders took over Harris’ defense at the time. He called everyone who made the allegations anonymously “cowards.” However, he acknowledged that it was difficult to work with Biden’s partner. – When I ask people that they work hard, my reaction is short: Welcome to the club – he said in an interview.

Five months later, Sanders himself resigned from working with Camila Harris, citing personal reasons for his decision, and his desire to retire after three years of tiring work. With him, three more people from the context of politicians released their statement.

Toxic cooperation

Gill Duran is one of the eighteen people who have left Kamala Harris in recent years. He is a former Democrat strategist who served five months in 2013 with the current vice president. In his opinion, the politician has been repeating “the same destructive forms” for years. – Who are the next talented people you bring in and destroy and pretend to leave for positive reasons? – he asked in the Washington Post.

Other associates complained that the 57-year-old politician had harassed himself for not being ready despite being given the goods he deserved. – As for Kamala, you have to bear the constant soul-destroying criticism and her insecurity. So you support the tyrant, and it’s not entirely clear why – said one of her former aides.

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Unjustified attacks?

Camila Harris’ bodyguards say the criticism leveled at her is the result of racism and racism. According to them, the vice president must face a double standard, just like any woman who is “ambitious, strong or not afraid to appear strong in public.”

– People take a lot of things personally. But I never felt that Kamala treated me unfairly, we have a long history of working together. Will he point out the disability? Yes. Does it make someone uncomfortable? Yes. But Sean Clegg, a former adviser to the first woman vice president of the United States, says he would have had his own TV show if he had been a man with that management style.

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