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Did you get a lower salary for July? We explain why. It could be 2.0 Polish pounds.

Did you get a lower salary for July?  We explain why.  It could be 2.0 Polish pounds.

salaries For work on the basis of work under an employment contract, they are usually paid at the end of each month, and employers often assume that this is the 28th day. day. So at the end of last week, salaries started showing up in the accounts, and some may have been surprised by the amount that was lower than before. We remind you of the results of this cut.

The Polish system has shifted to low taxes. Salaries may also be lower. Now, anyway

At the beginning of the year, we lived in a state of confusion caused by the state program called the Polish system, which also affected the amount of salaries – most Poles were benefiting from these changes. We will not quote the details of these ideas so as not to obscure the picture of the current situation, moreover, many (including accountants) will probably prefer to forget about it.

Complex implementation rules the new Laws sometimes require the use of very fast calculations, and they also involve unclear interpretations. The government has tried to fill in the loopholes in the Polish Lada on a regular basis. The last attempt to carry out this reform was the reform that took effect on 1 July. This Polish Deal 2.0, which the government has dubbed Low Taxes, aims to clarify the rules. At the same time, taxpayers will not lose on them, because it is not possible to introduce provisions relating to the current tax year that would be negative for taxpayers during the year. The primary change is to reduce the PIT from 17 to 12 percent. And filter the so-called allowances for the middle class.

Theoretically. Practically speaking, we can and will see a positive effect, but only some of us next year, when the income tax return is filed, and some of the first few salaries will be lower than the previous ones. And for some, the new rules will mean a salary, although it is higher than that of the first version of the Polish deal, but lower than the previous one.

Who can see the lowest salary from July?

Let’s start with who and how much salary may drop from July. A helpful schedule has been drawn up by experts from the consulting firm Grant Thornton and posted on social media before the changes go into effect.

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It is also worth noting that the assumption of the above calculations assumes the following: middle-class pensions, they did not apply for the non-renewal of advance payments, they worked all year round and their wages did not change, they did not remain in service. Long-term sick leave, they use the standard costs of the tax deduction and do not participate in the PPK. All of these elements can somehow characterize the reward.

Why is my salary lower? We are looking for an explanation

The government itself has acknowledged that some people may receive higher up-front payments in earnings, so their salaries will be lower in the coming months. This was clearly stated by Deputy Finance Minister Artur Suboy, while ensuring that no one who earns up to 18,000 zlotys a year will lose. Total PLN per month. They were, for example, contractors with a salary of 12.8 thousand. Total PLN or employees under an employment contract who have not submitted a PIT-2. We describe these interpretations in the following text:

Low taxes as of July 1. But don’t be surprised if the salary is lower

We decided to ask an expert from Grant Thornton what exactly it would look like in the different earnings ranges and what factors to consider.

Quite simply: a salary of up to 10 thousand. Total PLN per month, we can be relatively confident that our July salary will not go down compared to the salary we received in June. With profits between 10 and 12.8 thousand. We can get less total from July. Above this limit, up to about 20 thousand. The overall changes to the PLN that took effect on July 1 are neutral. The highest salary earners starting at 20 thousand. Total PLN, they can get a slightly lower salary. However, they basically get a different salary each month, in which case there are more factors, like going over the limit at ZUS and falling into a higher tax cap already in the middle of the year.

– says Małgorzata Sambourska, Partner, Grant Thornton Tax Advisor.

This is now detailed. First of all, the salary can be “reduced” by not submitting the PIT-2 form. As the expert explains, If someone does not submit their PIT-2 test, then with earnings totaling PLN 12,800, he may feel that the change in the law is negative. This will be the maximum difference 300 PLN – but the amount will be refunded on your annual tax return.

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Another group is Some people in salary range from 10 to 12.8 thousand. PLN per month. The confusion in this group stems from rolling progress – this was the principle according to which tax advances were determined according to the rules of settlements from 2021, and not according to the Polish system in its first version (otherwise these people will lose in the reform) .

– People earn 10 thousand. They will take out shifts more or less to zero, and even a slight profit. However, those who earn 12 thousand. The PLN can see the July salary in tens of zlotys less, and on the annual tax return they will have to charge an additional tax fee of about PLN 250. The advantage of the current change of these people is that without the change from July, in the last few months of the year, especially in October, November and December, their salaries would be much lower. Now, after the change, they will be more or less equal on an annual basis – confirms Małgorzata Sambourska.

If we seem to meet all the conditions so that we don’t see a negative salary difference compared to the June salary on a monthly basis, yet the July salary is lower, it may also be a matter of tax-deductible costs. Because the topic becomes more complicated when you use it 50 percent tax deduction costs In large part of the salary. This applies to creators and concerns copyright – although it concerns not only artists, but also, for example, programmers.

– Here a lot depends on what part of the wage includes 50 percent. Because it can be half, 80 percent, and in a few cases even 100 percent. This group may include similar people Ministry of Finance He writes that this is one case out of a thousand. They lose under the new rules, and while they will still receive annual compensation for the year (because they cannot introduce changes unfavorable to taxpayers during the tax year), they will not do so next year – and will earn less in real terms – expert says Grant Thornton.

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The group that loses most – and at the same time the group also mentioned by politicians – are, for example, university lecturers who have the right to have their salaries covered in full at 50% of the tax deduction costs, while at the same time their remuneration is within the tax-exempt limit of the middle class ( Let us remind you: the salary was between 5,700 PLN and a total of 11,140 PLN).

– This exemption was the most advantageous in terms of total profits of 8,500 PLN, so people who earn that much will now see the biggest difference in minus. In the case of using 50 percent. Tax deductible costs in other proportions, this unfavorable effect will be less, and some changes may have neutral.

Residential property in Olsztyn (illustration)Local taxes will increase the most in 25 years. We will pay more for trade

it is easier? Compared to Polish demand 1.0. – yes

Finally, there is the issue of facilities. Announcing the changes, the Finance Ministry stressed that it was a question of “cleaning up” the Polish system so that it would be more transparent. and taxpayers, like exempting the middle class, in favor of comprehensive, systematic and understandable solutions,” Deputy Minister Artur Suboy said when announcing the changes. MF also provides a calculator where you can try to calculate your salary.

Whether everything is understandable – everyone will have to judge for himself, for sure you will also have to get used to the new rules. And what does it look like from the perspective of professional taxpayers?

The rules, which went into effect in July, are a simplification regarding the Polish Order 1.0, but they are not easier compared to the previous rules for the Polish deal. Certainly, there will also be problems when settling the annual tax, because there are many factors and items to remember. These problems are caused by multiple changes throughout the year. It can be implemented by workplaces from January, February or March. It cannot be ruled out that there were errors and that all this was not fully implemented. The situation of people with more than one job or changing employer during the year can be especially complex

– says Małgorzata Sambourska.

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