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Die Welt: Schulze, Macron and Draghi call on Ukraine to make concessions to Russia

Niemcy, Francja i Włochy naciskają na Ukrainę (fot. EPA/LUDOVIC MARIN / PAP/EPA)

Why did the leaders of Germany, France and Italy go to Ukraine three months after the outbreak of the war? According to German media, this is in order to preserve its interests and persuade Kyiv to make concessions to Vladimir Putin. “They want a peaceful solution that is as profitable as possible – and they don’t really understand what a conflict is,” warns Die Welt. The author admits that for Western leaders “justice” is now of secondary importance.

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The German daily stresses that the only tangible details that emerged during the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi in Kyiv was confirmation of Ukraine’s readiness to join the European Union.

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Why does this sound like a joke? Because the French Minister for European Affairs has already stated that The process of joining the community can take about 20 years. So promises cost nothing and can be made without consequences.

As Die Welt admits, these are only “warm words,” a For President Volodymyr Zalensky, this may be the beginning of a “nightmare”.

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“There are many indications that his guests not only showed sympathy for Ukraine, but also urged him behind closed doors to begin in the coming months – after the expected fall of Donbass – Negotiations with Russia and work on a peace agreement – Writes the magazine cited from the portal

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The German press claims that the Italians have long had a blueprint for a peace plan ready, and Germany and France are bending over backwards to send as few weapons as possible to Ukraine. In their view, excessive reinforcement of Kiev will only “prolong the war”.

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Third, during Wednesday’s visit to Romania Macron did not talk much about the new supplies of arms to Kyiv, but rather talked a lot about the need to negotiate “ – notes the author, admitting that “Scholes and company are three terrors for the president of Ukraine.”

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In his opinion, The leaders of Germany, France and Italy are pushing for a quick peace That would allow them to get back to work. Justice, protection of human rights and security in Europe will be pushed into the background over the coming decades.

This creates a huge gap in the European Union. On one side are Schulze, Macron and Draghi with their realpolitik – And around it the majority is likely to remain in Europe – a On the other hand, all the Baltic states and the entire eastern flank of the European Union, who rightly fear that Russia’s great gains in the context of a quick peace might encourage the Kremlin’s promoter, President Vladimir Putin, to pursue his mad delusions about the Great Russian Empire – and attack it,” notes de Welt, considering that Fatal mistake of Western European countries.

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Tusk would like to see Germany and France. What about the law and justice party government?

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The audio on Thursday’s visit to Kyiv was made, among others by Donald Tusk. Opposition leader Mateusz Morawiecki criticized for That the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland did not go to Ukraine with the leaders of Germany and France.

Tusk said that they expressed their full support for Ukraine’s European aspirations and it was unfortunate that there were no representatives of Poland.

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“When we were the first to go to Kyiv under fire – they said it was unnecessary” – Mateusz Morawiecki replied on Twitter.

When we had intergovernmental consultations, they said it was pointless. When the others went three months after our visit, they asked why we weren’t there. Our beloved opposition has lost the fight against logic again.” – Added the Polish Prime Minister.

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