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Director Vesuvic responds to the crowd’s attacks. “We didn’t even get to that,” football says

Director Vesuvic responds to the crowd's attacks.  "We didn't even get to that," football says

– It didn’t make the conversations more difficult, but it did make them very complicated – We heard it in Łazienkowska two days after the match against Stal Mielec (0: 0), when negotiations for a new contract for Marko Vesovic had yet to begin. Then Tamara Vesovi posts started on Instagram – Marco Vesovic’s wife who attacked LegiêThat while her husband was seriously injured – a torn cruciate and collateral ligament in the knee – she left him unaided.

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The entrances to Tamara Vesuvic attack Legia. “I don’t want to get attached to it. It’s their job”

At the club, they felt influenced by her inserts. Not even the club authorities, but the people associated with the medical staff, who did a lot of work to make Vesuvic, after a very serious injury, sustained a year ago, are back on the field after several months of rest. – I don’t want to get attached to him. This is the case of Marco and his wife Tamara. I can talk about the things that I was involved in, that is, when I represented him in conversations with the club – in an interview with him Legia.Net Says Ivicia Vrdoljak, a longtime former football player and captain of Legia, who became football manager after his career. And although he is not a coach of Vesovic on a daily basis, he represented him in conversations with Legia.

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We actually contacted Ferduljac last week, but he then didn’t want to talk publicly about the whole thing. And he did not know until now that things would go as she did, meaning that Legia would not extend the contract with Vesovic, which he informed at the press conference before the match with Podbeskidzie (1: 0) Czeslav Mjnijich. – He is in the prime of life and has enormous experience and great determination to play at a good level. He won’t do that at Legia, but I think, like everyone here, I wish him all the best in the new club – “said Mitchniewitz.

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Ivica Ferdoljak on Vesuvic’s contract: We haven’t even reached this point

Now, however, Vrdoljak decided to take the floor – in an interview with Legia.Net, where he talked about conversations with the club about a new contract for Vesovi. – Two weeks ago I was in Warsaw, twice at the Legia Training Center in Książenice. We spoke to the sports director Radoslaw Kocharsky. First, I was alone at the meeting, and Marco joined us on the second day. We decided Legia is interested in more collaboration – says Vrdoljak.

And he talks about what happened next: – Next week, that is, after the match with Stal at Mielec, we would have received a cash offer. I confirm it on purpose, because there are rumors that Marco wants too much or the club has given him too little. It’s not true because we didn’t even get to that point. A week after our last meeting, we would have had an offer and maybe after that we would discuss what to do next.

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Marco was ready for the proposed new contract to be less. We were considering a short contract with a smaller base as well as an augmentation option if it returned to pre-injury arrangement. But we have not gotten to such details. Therefore, the breakup was not due to financial reasons. However, after the events that occurred after the meeting with Stal, I received information that Legia’s cooperation with Marko will not continue and we have not talked about Marko’s future in Warsaw anymore – Vrdoljak admitted.

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That future remains unclear, as Vesuvic, who was Legia’s best player before his injury and who had signed with him for another month, is just looking for a new club. I am not worried about Marco, I know him and I know how ambitious he is, and I also know the quality he offers. When we find a club, he will adapt to it, because he can do a lot, and he can be an important link in the new team. You just have to find it first. Preferably with a coach he knows and trusts. It won’t be easy because he hasn’t played for long. But I think everything will work out – Vrdoljak said in an interview with Legia.Net, which you can read Here.

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