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Distance and blended learning in schools. October 19. MEiN . Report

Koronawirus w szkołach

The Ministry of Education and Science has released the latest data on the coronavirus outbreak in schools. During the week, the number of schools operating in mixed mode increased by 202, and the number of remote schools – by 7.

Fourth wave of corona virus Visible not only in
Daily statistics on new infections reported by the Ministry of Health
. More outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 have also been observed in schools. For example, only on Tuesdays at two schools in the district. Opole has been confirmed in two students

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education and Science 99.6 percent. Kindergartens and pre-school education institutions 96.8%. primary schools and 97.8 percent. High schools on Tuesday operated in a steady mode. This data comes from school principals.

Distance and hybrid learning are back – MEiN report from October 19

15,379 preschool educational institutions (kindergartens, preschool education teams, kindergarten points) were operating on Tuesday, making up 99.6% of the total. everyone. 7 remote kindergarten and 49 in mixed mode.

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On Tuesday, 13,921 primary schools were also operating in stationery, or 96.8 percent. all and 7601 minor, or 97.3 percent. 17 primary schools and 5 secondary schools operate remotely. 450 primary schools and 206 secondary schools operate in mixed mode.

For comparison – a week ago, three kindergartens worked remotely and 30 in mixed mode. In contrast, in the case of schools, 10 primary schools and five secondary schools operated remotely. On October 12, 308 elementary schools and 146 high schools were operating in a mixed system.

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In the event that students, students, or employees of an educational institution contract COVID-19 infection, the Buffat State Health Inspector conducts an epidemiological investigation. Its purpose is to identify the group of people exposed. As a result of this investigation, a decision was made on the appropriate measures to be taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

The principal of a school or kindergarten may, with the approval of the leading authority and after obtaining a positive opinion from the relevant state health inspector, suspend classes for a specified period and switch to teaching using distance education methods and techniques.

The suspension of classes may apply to a group, department, class or educational stage, as well as to the school or the entire facility in terms of all classes or individual.

Two weeks ago, on October 5, there were 15,404 preschool educational institutions (kindergartens, preschool education teams, preschool points), which accounted for 99.8% of the total. everyone. Four kindergartens operate remotely and 27 are in mixed mode.

On October 5, 14,204 elementary schools were operating steadily, or 98.7 percent. total and 7706 minor, or 98.6 percent. Four elementary schools and 10 high schools worked remotely. 180 elementary schools and 96 high schools operated in mixed mode. – Danuta Starzyńska-Rosiecka, Szymon Zdzierałowski

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