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Distance learning after winter break? Doctor “Schools are now hotbeds of the Corona virus”

Distance learning after winter break?  Doctor “Schools are now hotbeds of the Corona virus”

More information about the current epidemiological situation in our country at

Distance learning after winter break? This scenario is becoming more realistic. Although in five provinces there are winter holidays, that is, students who live there do not go to school, omicron is spreading at an amazing pace.

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Distance learning after winter break? In many institutions now

According to the data of the Ministry of Education and Science published on Twitter on January 21, last Friday, 70.8% of employees work in a fixed position. Primary schools (7002 of all institutions), 83 in remote mode, and 2805 in co-ed mode. As for secondary schools, 78.6% (4,312 units) operate in residential mode, 47 are remote, and 1,130 operate in co-ed mode. After the weekend, this data will definitely change, and one can expect more branches to close.

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Distance learning after winter break?

Schools are now hotbeds of the coronavirus. You can see it in the stats. They should move to distance learning as soon as possible

– said in an interview with Radio Zeit Dr. Thomas Karuda, a doctor from the Department of Pulmonology at Norbert Barleke University Hospital in Lodz. Karauda understands the importance of children’s participation in classroom activities, but believes that in the current situation it would be better and safer for everyone to stay at home:

Children must develop and have the possibility to socialize. All of this is important, but we must keep in mind what is our top priority at any given moment. Is social communication for children or is the life of people who go to hospitals?

– he added.

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Distance learning after winter break? New restrictions at the moment

The government has yet to announce school closures, but at a recent press conference, Health Minister Adam Nedzelsky reported on the new decisions regarding the restrictions. It is possible that we will soon have to give ourselves Covid passports if we want to go to a restaurant or stay in a hotel.

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