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Distance learning and restrictions return to school in the fall Adam Nidzelsky reveals the scenario

Distance learning and restrictions return to school in the fall Adam Nidzelsky reveals the scenario

Distance learning will return Drops On the glass The upcoming fall and flu season does not bode well for anything optimistic. True, more and more people are being vaccinated, and the Ministry of Health is planning to introduce a fourth dose of the vaccine, which will cover the entire community. But will this help prevent the next wave of COVID-19? What about a possible transition to distance learning?

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Nidzelsky: Our goal is to reduce COVID infection to the characteristics of influenza

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Distance learning will return to schools in the fall?

Several virologists are warning that the next wave of high COVID-19 cases may come soon – possibly in November/December. The Ministry of Health plans to start vaccination soon with another fourth dose of the vaccine, which will reduce the number of patients. What about a possible return to distance learning and school closures? The minister, Adam Nidzelsky, has a plan revealed Interview with the . portal. When asked about the possibility of returning to restrictions and distance learning in schools, he stated that no such thing was planned.

We have a growing scope of social immunization against the coronavirus. There are really no arguments for saying that restrictions are needed. Everything speaks of a completely different scenario. Most likely, we will not impose any epidemiological restrictions. Our situation is a little different than it was in previous years. Then the wave accelerated in September and October and reached its peak at the end of autumn

– The Minister of Health added, Quoted by

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Shake excerpts from a book on Internet religion. “I did not read more stupidity”

A shortage of coal and an increase in electricity – this is the reason for closing some schools

When it comes to school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, parents, students and teachers can rest easy. As Adam Nidzelsky announced, the ministry has no plans to do so. Sending children home for distance learning is a black scenario that many local governments fear. It turns out that due to rising fuel and energy prices, some establishments may be at risk of closing. The situation may apply to selected institutions, but on a different scale. It turns out that some local governments, looking for savings and money in the budget, take into account the exclusion of street lighting in the first place, but there may also be those that, without sufficient funds, will have to switch to distance learning.

Soon students will have to choose between religion and another subject.  What are ethics?What are ethics in schools? Soon, students will have to choose

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