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Distance learning from December 20? Parents are terrified to see online lessons. But the reason is not a pandemic

Distance learning from December 20?  Parents are terrified to see online lessons.  But the reason is not a pandemic

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Returning to school should not be associated with the fact that it will be difficult

Distance learning was introduced for one reason only – the COVID-19 pandemic. But the Ministry of Education and Science passed a bill in August that would allow distance learning for several important reasons. According to the gate Rodzice.plThis will be:

  • epidemiological situation,
  • Improper outdoor or classroom temperature, endangering students’ health,
  • national or international events,
  • Any other unusual event that threatens the safety or health of students.

Distance learning from December 20? There was an unpleasant text for parents and students

Distance learning from December 20 because of the cold? Right now, the law is only a draft

The bill published by the Ministry of Education suggests that it will be possible to switch to distance learning from December 20, 2022, when it will be very cold. Let us remind you that according to the current law, the head of the school may suspend lessons when the temperature in the classes is 18°C ​​or less. However, students have to do their homework on another day, but distance learning eliminates this problem.

Are students really waiting for distance learning from December 20? So far, there is no indication of this, but due to the constant increase in fuel and energy prices, along with forecasts of a harsh winter by weather forecasters, it is possible.

Parents’ dissatisfaction with seeing a return to distance learning

In one of the parenting groups on Facebook, parents started talking about the possibility of distance learning starting December 20. Many of them are not satisfied with this solution.

They don’t want to pay for electricity, do we? And to teach the kids at home again? horror!

One parent writes.

Going back to distance learning is the worst it can be. My kid has been so excited about ‘normal school’ after the last two years that he’s going to break his heart.

After all, these will just be presentation lessons that do nothing. I’m sad, panicked and angry at the same time

– Add other parents in the comments.

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Beginning of the school year 2021/2022Will there be distance learning in September? MEiN includes another capability. It’s not just a pandemic

Distance learning from December 20 because of the cold? local rulers against

In the age of high prices and the search for savings the question arises what about student comfort. Radoslaw Jesek, Mayor of Karpacz, declared that:

Education is our number one topic, and as far as possible budget cuts are concerned, they will appear at the end of the world. We may not mow the lawn or shovel leaves. We can limit investments or postpone some reforms for better times. Perhaps there will also be safety savings – in the form of turning off the street lighting. However, the convenience of teaching children will be of primary importance to us.

Similar plans were also announced by the Krakow, Ek and Sosnowiec authorities.

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