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Distance learning January 2023. Schools will have two problems and it will never be COVID

Distance learning January 2023. Schools will have two problems and it will never be COVID

Distance learning will return in the winter? Distance learning January 2023 A very real scenario

The Ministry of Education and Science worked for several months on a special project that would allow the introduction of distance learning if “the safety of students is at risk.”

(This is due to) the need to organize detailed conditions for the organization and conduct of the above for students in classrooms in a situation where classes cannot be conducted in a traditional way in a unit system area due to the suspension of classes due to the occurrence of a threat to the safety of students in a particular area

Comment on the authors of the project.

This risk may occur, as indicated, in connection with the organization and course of national or international events, insufficient outside temperature or in rooms where classes are held with students, threatening the health of students, or threats related to an epidemic situation or other unusual event

– Add.

Hence, distance learning can be offered for the following reasons:

  • epidemiological situation,
  • Too low temperature in the classroom or outside the building,
  • Organizing national or international events,
  • Other unusual events that threaten the safety or health of students.

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How can we save electricity when working remotely?

Distance learning January 202. Two of the most important reasons

As you can see, the regulations are not fully defined. However, in practice, there are two main reasons for closing institutions and moving to distance learning. It is not covid. One, of course, is the cold and the problem of heating the glass. The second reason is surprising.

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Schools must announce distance learning when lessons are suspended for more than two days. This is the case, for example, due to renovation work on a building. The Rzeczpospolita website found specific examples. Due to the renewal, stationary lessons have been suspended and remote lessons are being introduced in institutions such as:

  • Primary School No. 7 them. Adam Mickiewicz at Ruda Liska is conducting remote classes from September 2nd to October 28th due to renovation work related to fire prevention,
  • School complex No. 2 them. Leon Rutkowski in Bosque, during the last two weeks of October, will change the method of teaching to distance learning due to the thermal update of the building. The work took a long time, forcing the suspension of stationary activities,

Another reason to close the school and introduce distance learning is to keep students healthy. This reason was given in an interview with Rzeczpospolita by the principal, Dr. Bartomij Zappa, of the Academic Primary School in Kelsey:

I will be making the decision to transition to distance learning in grades 2-8 from October 18-22. Since October 12, we have recorded a total of dozens of cases with symptoms similar to the spread of a type of rotavirus. Several children were hospitalized for this reason. On Monday October 17, 80 students were absent from school (of the 202 students in the facility). During this day, we noticed more cases of malaise among the students

This is not good news for parents. Do such situations happen in your children’s institutions?

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