September 22, 2021

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Distance learning stressed students of Szczecin - Region

Distance learning stressed students of Szczecin – Region

Distance learning had a negative impact on the feelings and well-being of 44 percent of Szczecin school students, according to research by the Szczecin City Council.

Almost two thousand people participated in it – says Dr. Barbara Chujnaka from the Institute of Pedagogy at Szczecin University. He adds that the survey was conducted in the last days of June among other things among pupils of grades 5-8 of primary schools.

– They have lost their relationships with peers, direct meetings with teachers, direct teaching, since they can count on direct teacher support and additional explanation, which was not possible in distance education. Dr. Shujnaka emphasized that it would be better for children if consistent learning continued.

The results of the research and recommendations will be delivered to teachers from the Szczecin Schools in a few days. Some information will also be sent to the students’ parents.

– In the coming days, a leaflet will be sent to all parents with information on what to look for and how to help, as well as addresses and phone numbers of institutions outside the school where the student or parent can turn for help – adds the Director of the Education Department of the Szczecin City Council, Lydia Rogo.

The research was carried out by Profi Competece and the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Szczecin.

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