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Distance learning will return through the frost? School principals have a foundation

Distance learning will return through the frost?  School principals have a foundation

Will the cold seasons and frost outside justify closing schools and moving to distance learning? That’s what the regulations that went into effect on September 1 allow. Local governments ensure that they will do everything in their power to heat schools.

Are we waiting for distance learning again? It may happen that children again sit in front of computers in their homes. It largely depends on what winter will look like and what the prices for electricity and fuel will be. In any case, a special decree from the Ministry of Education allowed principals to switch to distance learning due to the low temperatures. In the past, lessons were suspended for this reason. Now the schools have passed their lessons, so lessons do not have to be interrupted to take them home. The new regulations took effect in September.

Are we waiting for distance learning? Now I cant answer. Schools, hospitals or cultural institutions cannot afford the costs resulting from increases in the price of electricity and to some extent thermal energy – says Peter Grzymovic, Mayor of Olsztyn. Olsztyn pays 540 percent for electricity. more. For the city, this represents an increase in costs of more than 11 million PLN.

He adds: – Due to the temperature, distance learning has become real. We don’t want to introduce it, because the purpose of the school is on-site learning, not via computer. The monitor will never give the student the teacher’s value and the relationship with each other. But today it is difficult to determine what is to come.

Could it be really cold in schools?

School buildings are in different condition. Some establishments struggle with leaky windows, ceilings, or outdated heating systems. Others, even modern ones, may have difficulties in providing suitable conditions for students, for example, when heating or power installations fail due to frost or school or municipal water. Of course, many schools have undergone thermal modernization. Some have abandoned coal stoves in favor of fuel oil, which has also become more expensive. If the principal is unable to provide students with a temperature of at least 18 degrees in the rooms in which classes are held, he is obliged to suspend classes. And according to the new recipes – bring them home.

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Real distance learning in the region?

Heating costs have increased by 30 percent. The situation in the energy sector is not optimistic, but in the fall and winter we do not plan to close the heating in schools and institutions – says Marek Chuzhnovsky, star of Ek Boviat. – In a school, we smoke wood chips ourselves, so it’s environmentally friendly. Schools are also isolated as regularly and as possible, for example, last year we isolated secondary school No. 2 and ZS 5 in Ełk, thanks to which costs have been reduced in the above institutions. We are now counting on significant savings from ZS Update #6.

At the moment, despite the enormous difficulties related to the availability of coal, we are doing everything we can to ensure that the population does not run out of heat in the winter. We supply the Polish mining group with coal from Polish mines and the Polish energy group “Paliwa” with imported coal, among others from Colombia and Indonesia – confirms Sławomir Łątkowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lubawska Spóka Komunalna. – after every thing We advocate reasonable and economical use of heat energywhich will translate into a decrease in the amount of bills.

– It’s too early to talk about that. Our department has not yet received any request on this matter – notes Monika Czubkowska-Bludziś, Head of Education at Poviat Starosty in Braniewo.

Someone has to pay anyway

Regulations allowing schools to close due to frost have been in place for years. However, the students had to catch up earlier after the institution closed. This time, online learning saves the day. The principal will decide to suspend lessons and switch to distance learning. However, he will have to inform the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees. But is this a good way to save a budget?

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– Someone will have to pay for it anyway. Perhaps schools will save, but parents will pay more – not only for electricity, without which there is no distance education, but also for heating the house where the child will study – notes one of the parents whose opinion we asked. In many homes, taps are turned off when family members are away. When the school “moves” home, it will be necessary to change not only habits, but also the way of saving energy. After all, the price affects everyone, not just local governments.

What winter awaits us?

Predicting winter weather today is like reading tea leaves. However, the first predictions are already emerging. Experts predict that the first cooling will occur in December, in the middle of this month snow is expected, which will last for several days. December is expected to be warm, with an average temperature above normal for this month. January is also warm, with temperatures ranging between 0 and 7 degrees Celsius. Frost can attack in the second half of the month – from January 18 to 27. Then we’ll see from -4 to even -10 degrees on thermometers during the day. I remember that Winter holidays will be held in Warmia and Mazury from January 23 to February 5. Will the children return to lessons? In February, meteorologists predicted that the polar vortex would raise the temperature between February 10 and March 2 at its coldest moment to -21 degrees Celsius.

hot protest

Before school administrators worry about winter, the temperature in schools is increasing as teachers struggle for higher wages. This is one of the reasons why our education system is now facing a shortage of staff. Teachers want a 20 percent salary increase. Later this year for everyone, not just junior teachers. There is protest action in schools.

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– On September 1, I counted that there were 320 job offers for teachers on the school board. How many on september 5? The link that showed this is no longer active. The problem, however, did not go away. Staffing problems are still serious – says Janusz Koczynski, head of the Warmia and Mazury regions of the Palestinian National Authority. – We do not intend to strike in the near future, but we cannot exclude that at some point in the protest work we will consider such a possibility. We are seriously considering organizing an educational camp in front of the Ministry as a form of protest. Like the one organized by nurses once upon a time. I hope we can finally talk specifically about the increases with the Prime Minister.

Ada Romanowska, ed.

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