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Do they get low salaries in the ministry?

Do they get low salaries in the ministry?

The Ministry of Health is looking for employees in several departments and departments – the salaries of specialists offered range from PLN 4,700 to PLN 6,700 gross per month. Isn’t it enough, are these appropriate and competitive salaries for state employees, and is the salary system in the ministry appropriate at all? We asked former deputy ministers about this. There are disagreements.

Resort Posted – Nov 9 – Linkedin Job Offers. Related to employment in many departments and departments – some of which are still ongoing. This is recruitment for the following positions: senior specialist for the implementation of activities within the Medical Fund in the Medical Fund Department of the Investment Evaluation Department (for a total of PLN 5587.89 per month), reference in the Medical Products Availability and Safety Department of the Medication Policy and Pharmacy Department (for PLN 4,700.00) , the main specialist in programming, evaluation and monitoring of substantive activities in the field of e-health projects and innovations in the field of health care in the Department of National Recovery Plan and Resilience in the Innovation Department (for PLN 6705.00), the main specialist for accreditation in healthcare in the Quality Department of the Health Care Department (for PLN 6095.00), and a lead specialist for the coordination of calls for proposals on European projects in the Innovation Support Department of the Innovation Department (for PLN 6705.47).

We treated the publication of job offers as a contribution to the salary discussion in the ministry.

Is a salary of PLN 3-4,000 per month adequate for state officials whose work affects the life and health of Poles, and is the salary system in the ministry adequate? We asked former deputy health ministers – Marcin Cech, Krzysztof Chanda and Piotr Warsinski – about this.

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Marcin Czech
Former Deputy Minister of Health Marcin Cech, in order to describe the financial situation of the ministry’s employees, gives a shocking example.

– When I was a deputy minister, one of my subordinates – good, meticulous, working for ideas, earning more or less than was suggested in the ministerial presentations of November 9 – had to resign because … he flooded his bath. An employee dealing with important regulations – which changes a sector worth millions of zlotys and affects the lives and health of many Poles, namely the law on clinical trials – changed his job to earn much more – and it was not difficult – because he had to renovate a bathroom and they needed several thousand zlotys. This slowed down and hampered work on the regulations – as Marcin Cech recalled, assessing that it was “embarrassing and humiliating for the ministry, for the country in general – especially since the situation has not changed for years”.

Paying money to government officials at such an embarrassing level is sabotaging the work of the state. After all, they prepare laws, solutions and strategies related to the healthcare system in Poland. This is a responsible job that must be paid accordingly, the Czech says firmly.

What is the price?

– the same as in similar jobs in private enterprises in industry, in pharmaceutical, consulting and consulting firms, two or three times more. Otherwise, it will be as it has been so far – the ministry will be staffed by ideologues who can leave their jobs at any time, or by mediocrity – concludes Marcin Cech.

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Christopher Landa
– On the one hand, the total amount of 5-6 thousand PLN for one specialist is too much, and on the other hand – definitely too little for another – Łanda evaluates.

what does he mean?

– A “coffee-brewing specialist” (the position is symbolic – editorial note) in the Ministry earns as much as a specialist working in the reimbursement department of the Drug Policy and Pharmacy department, specializing in replacing paper in printers as a forecasting specialist in the forecasting and modeling department of Analytics and Strategies Section. I intentionally exaggerate to show the absurdity of an outdated wage system, which neither values ​​nor rewards commitment to work, knowledge, skills, and experience, nor does it take into account competitiveness in the labor market. The ministry’s personnel policy is an open-air museum from the Gomuka years, with rigid and quirky salary ranges. The stated amount is a lot for “coffee brewers”, but for those who deal with medicine and pharmacy policy, it is not much. There are a lot of the former on the market, while the latter are few. The first does not have the appropriate knowledge and skills to work effectively in the ministry – their salaries are sufficient, and they are satisfied with it, because they are unable to compete in the labor market. Others are reluctant to work in the ministry, and if they decide to do so, they work for a year, two or three, gain experience and change jobs to another that pays better. This wage system, a situation where the earnings are not sufficient for the market value of the employees, can in many cases influence the negative selection of jobs in the ministry. This is not good – says Krzysztof Chanda to the “Director of Health”, stressing in addition that “there is overstaffing in some departments and in others there are few people”.

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Piotr Warczynski
Former Deputy Minister Piotr Warczyński also spoke about negative selection.

– Too little money is offered to encourage the educated and experienced to work, especially since these are responsible positions. It is likely that those who have not found a job anywhere else will apply, which means that they are not the best in the market and it is not known whether they will prove themselves in the ministry – notes in an interview with the “Director of Health”.

– Who will be responsible for working in the ministry for a fee, when in Warsaw you can only rent a studio apartment? he asks rhetorically.

The above text is the first in a series on salaries in the ministry – we will be publishing more soon.

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