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Do we have to pay the phone installments after the deceased? UKE explains what to do

Do we have to pay the phone installments after the deceased?  UKE explains what to do

Electronic Communications Office It recommends that the telecom operator be informed of the subscriber’s death as soon as possible. This will facilitate the termination or assignment of the contract. The heirs will also have to pay any debts to the operator.

In the event of the death of the customer an agreement The telecommunications services advertisement expires. The operator must be notified of this as it does not happen automatically.

Relatives must provide the provider with a cancellation due to the death of the subscriber with a death certificate. Documents can be submitted in person at the Customer Service Center or mailed. The letter must contain the following data: name and surname, phone number / numbers, account number or other data that allow identifying the customer’s identity in the system.

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UKE also reminds of the possibility of appointment. The family can take the phone number of the deceased or continue to use the services.

Assignment is the transfer of rights and obligations under a contract to a third party. Usually the services are transferred according to the current terms. However, it may be necessary to change the offer. After that, the supplier will agree to the terms of service with the new customer ”- we read in the UKE announcement.

The job is free with most operators. All you have to do is complete the appropriate form and a copy of the death certificate.

Often times, the closest family does not want to be moved and continues to use the services. According to UKE, there is a solution, but only for a short time. Without waiver, it is not possible to file a complaint regarding an incorrectly shipped invoice or losses due to failure.

In the event that the contract is terminated due to the death of the subscriber, no contractual penalty is imposed for breaking the contract. However, relatives are required to pay late payments or installments for telecommunications equipment. However, it all depends on the specific operator.

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In the case of Play, the closest does not have to pay installments for the equipment. Except for the bills that the deceased received before his death, of course. In the case of the mobile internet, Play only requires the return of the rented equipment.

Orange has a less supportive attitude to consumers. The operator requires payment of all installments, including those that were due to be paid according to the installment plan after the death of the subscriber. In the case of fixed line services, the equipment must be returned to Orange. In the event of non-return, the operator shall impose a penalty on the price of the equipment.

Issues related to assignment and costs to heirs differ from one operator to another. UKE recommends contacting and setting terms individually.




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