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Do you have an mBank account? You may lose access to the app

MBank customers with smartphones with an older version of Android may soon lose access to the banking app. It is about the security of your money.

Regularly updating the smartphone for many is a standard procedure that can improve its functionality and increase security. However, if you are not used to updating your device or the manufacturer has simply stopped supporting its optimization, you can soon Say goodbye to getting to mBank App.

Do you have a phone with Android software below 7.0? This information may be important to you. From September 20 this year, if you want to use the latest version of the mBank application, you must update the software on your smartphone to version 7.0 from the minimum (application version 3.38 inclusive). We do this for the safety of your money” – reads the mBank announcement.

Failure to update the system will result in the app not being able to connect to your device as of September 20th. However, since January, users will no longer log into their accounts in the mobile app. Until then, they can use version 3.38 of the mobile app. In order to use the latest version of the app, all you have to do is update your operating system. However, if the manufacturer stops supporting updates, it may be necessary to replace the device with a new one.

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Konrad Siwick, journalist at

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