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Do you remember Peggy from the TV series The World According to the Bunds? There is no trace of her fiery hair. This is what Katie Sagal looks like today

Do you remember Peggy from the TV series The World According to the Bunds?  There is no trace of her fiery hair.  This is what Katie Sagal looks like today

Her role in “Świat by Bonditch” brought her popularity. a series Gather millions of viewers around the world in front of TV sets. We are talking about Katey Sagal, who played one of the most iconic characters of television in recent years – Peggy Bundy, the wife of the main character. Today she is lush, red, inspiring and fiery Hairstyle There is no longer a trace. See how it looks today and what it does.

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Katie Sagal – Peggy Bundy from the TV series “The World According to the Bunds”

Katie SagaI am 67 years old and still working as an actress. In 2020, she played, among others in the series Netflix You’re Already Dead, and she previously lent her voice to the Futurama animation production. Privately, she is the mother of three children Young The wife of American director Kurt Sutter. Visually, Sagal is still a beautiful woman – although she appears to be a much less “explosive” character than the character of the series in which she played. The actress for creating the character of Peggy was nominated for a Golden Globe four times, but in the end she won the award for another production – “Sons of Anarchy”.

“The World According to the Bundes” was broadcast in 46 countries, including, of course, Poland. View the fate of the Putti family – Al, his wife Peggy, and their two children. On its basis, the iconic Polish analogue was created later, i.e. “The World According to Kipskes”.

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Many of you probably don’t realize that the actress has also tried her hand at music. The star has three LPs to his credit. The most recent one, “Uncovered,” comes from 2013.

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Have you watched “The World According to the Bunds”?

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