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Do you remember Rod from “The Honey Years”? This is what it looks like now

Do you remember Rod from "The Honey Years"?  This is what it looks like now

serieshoney years“Its premiere was in 1998. The Poles loved the fate of the friendly families Krawczyk and Nork very much. The production was tear-jerking and brought great popularity to the actors of the main roles: Caesar Shack And the Artur Barsisio. However, expressive characters also appeared in the background. One of them was Mariola FieldPlayed by Sibyl Rostek. The red-haired beauty could not resist Karol Krausek and Tadzio Nurik. What’s up with her today?

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Sibyl Rostek delighted viewers of “Honey Years”. However, she has given up her TV job

Sibylla Rostec graduated from Lodz Film School in 1998. During this period, she appeared in many series and Movies. In addition to “The Honey Years”, she starred in such productions as: “Złotopolscy“,”tenants“,”the magicianand “alloys.” fook “and”Adam and IowaDespite her popularity, she decided not to pursue her television career. She focused on performing in the theater. Sibyl Rostek turned 50 on September 26.

Sybilla Rostek runs an Instagram profile under the name Rosmery Yong. In the pictures, we can see that she has stayed true to her red hair color. Their shadow seemed to be getting more intense now. Rostek is also active on Facebook. We can also see her there with the actors she works with. Among them, among others Matthews DamicskyAnd the Agnieszka Dygant And the Dorota Staliska. Do you think Rawda from “Honey Years” will return to TV and play in a series after many years?

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Agnieszka Różańska played Pamela Marszałek in 'Miodowe lata'.  This is what it looks like nowDo you remember Pamela from “The Honey Years”? This is what it looks like after so many years

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