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Do you stand here? Watch out for incorrect parking fees! Changes from February 1, 2022

Do you stand here?  Watch out for incorrect parking fees!  Changes from February 1, 2022

The GreenWay electric car charging network is a public infrastructure, so all drivers who want to charge their electric car have access to it. – We receive information from our customers that they cannot use the chargers because they are blocked by cars that have stopped charging or are not connected to our devices at all – Says Grzegorz Sońta, Director of Customer Service at GreenWay Polska. – It’s as if someone refueled at a gas station, then went shopping or had lunch, leaving the car at the dealership.

Parking spaces at GreenWay charging stations are marked with a D-18a marking, which means they are only for vehicles that charge the battery.

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From February 1, parking rules at chargers will be further specified in the regulations for the use of parking spaces.
Parking spaces at GreenWay charging stations are correctly identified and marked with an appropriate information tag. In view of the regulations, by entering the parking lot at the GreenWay station, the vehicle user agrees to the provision that this space is only for electric vehicles to be charged. In the event of non-acceptance or non-compliance with the conditions of the parking regulations, the vehicle user is not entitled to use the parking spaces at GreenWay charging stations.

As part of the cooperation between GreenWay and EuroPark parking manager, from February 1, EuroPark will gradually include monitoring of post-charging stations in the GreenWay network throughout Poland. In the event that unauthorized cars are located in the parking spaces next to the chargers, their drivers will have to pay an application fee of PLN 150 due to the use of the car park in violation of the regulations. This rule applies to internal combustion vehicles and electric vehicles that are not connected to a charger.

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The fee will only be charged by the EuroPark console based on an image with a clear registration number of the vehicle and the parking space regulations.

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