October 18, 2021

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Brak snu może przyczynić się do tycia

Do you want to lose weight? Get plenty of sleep because too little sleep leads to weight gain

Sleeping long enough should be a priority for people who have trouble maintaining a healthy weight. A link between sleep disturbance and bacterial flora disorder has been demonstrated. Find out what the mechanism is.

Lack of sleep, stress and disturbances of the microbiome are interrelated phenomena, says Dr. Michael Mosley, author of The Gut Knows More. It turns out that sleeping shortly for one night only suffices to disrupt hormones related to appetite. Travel associated with changing the time zone also has a negative effect on the microbiome. This has been confirmed by research.

Lack of sleep contributes to weight gain

In one of the studies described by Dr. Mosley, the volunteers aged 30-45, were asked to reduce their bedtime to four hours for just one night. It turned out that the result was not only greater fatigue, but also a change in appetite and the level of the hormones responsible for digestion. Interestingly, the differences between the sexes were discovered. For men, short sleep increased ghrelin, the hormone that signals appetite. On the other hand, there was a decrease in GLP-1 in the women, which led to feelings of fullness. The effect was the same – people ate more.

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Frequent trips with changing time zones

Another study was related With the change of time zones. The authors of the Personal Nutrition Study are Dr. Eran Elianaf and Dr. Eran Segal. They asked the volunteer students to travel between regions and collect their faeces three times: before boarding the plane, after the flight, when they felt its effects strongly, and two weeks after the flight.

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After receiving the samples, the scientists transplanted them into mice that were raised in the laboratory. The search results were surprising. The mice that were implanted with mycobia were collected immediately after the flight and became obese and developed diabetes. Those who got the microbiome before the flight and two weeks later did not suffer.

Let’s get out of this vicious circle

“When we sleep worse, stress levels increase Craving sweet carbohydrates and high-fat snacks, which in turn support the growth of “bad” organisms in the gut. You gain weight, you become tired, and you sleep worse. “It’s a vicious circle,” wrote Dr. Michael Mosley in his book. He added that there was only one conclusion from these studies: If you don’t want to suffer from health problems, get enough sleep. Sleep should be a priority along with healthy eating.

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The above advice cannot replace a visit to a specialist. Remember that if there are any health problems, consult a doctor.

Source: “Your intestines know better. How to revolutionize the way you eat and change your body from the inside”, Dr. Michael Mosley, Ottoart Publishing, Krakow 2018