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Documents approved by Poland on NATO enlargement to include Sweden and Finland were submitted

Documents approved by Poland on NATO enlargement to include Sweden and Finland were submitted

On Wednesday, Deputy Minister of State Marcin Przydaks submitted to the US State Department the accession protocols approved by Poland regarding NATO enlargement to include Sweden and Finland. The diplomat also discussed strengthening the security of Poland and the eastern part of the North Atlantic Alliance.

  • This is a historic moment. As a Baltic state we will feel more secure, said Marcin Przydacz.
  • He emphasized that Poland was one of the first countries to provide documents to the US State Department depositing agreements related to NATO and enlargement.
  • When asked whether he expected obstacles to ratification from Turkey, he replied that he believed in a constructive approach from Turkish partners. – Everything is possible in politics, but we Poles believe in the constructive approach of all allies – he added.

“This is a historic moment, the alliance is expanding and accepting two new members (…) Minister (Zbigniew) Rao sent me to Washington to emphasize how important this document is for Poland and how important it is to expand the alliance. To include the northern states as a Baltic state (…) We will feel very safe, Prasidax said after submitting the documents.

According to the Washington Treaty, Poland was one of the first countries to provide documents to the US State Department that are depositories of NATO and enlargement-related agreements.

When asked if he expected Turkey to be an obstacle to the integration of the Nordic countries, Presidaks replied that he “counted on the constructive approach of the Turkish partners”.

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“Everything is possible in politics, but we, the Poles, believe in the constructive approach of all allies. In particular, at the summit in Madrid, all 30 allies agreed to expand NATO, including Finland and Sweden and President (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan. Turkey” – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Erdogan had previously suggested Turkey could block access if Finland and Sweden failed to comply with the terms of a June agreement to fight the separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Przydacz noted that due to the confluence of national parliaments, the approval process could take weeks. So far, the Accession Protocols have been ratified by 21 of the 30 NATO member states, a record pace for new member accessions. So will the US Senate on Wednesday evening.

The deputy head of Polish diplomacy said that he expects a positive decision from the US Senate. During the talks in Washington, he also mentioned that the internal Along with its counterpart, Derek Chollet, as well as at a recent conference in Aspen, US elites from the foreign policy sector gathered to stress that the US will continue its firm support for Ukraine against Russian aggression.

“Today we talked about it here: how Poland and the eastern part can be strengthened even more. Of course, Prime Minister (Mariusz) Błaszczak is now concerned about security agreements, which are important, but the American presence in Poland, which we are expanding. 2015, is equally important,” he added. said.

He said he also heard many criticisms of Russia in New York, where he participated in the NPT Review Conference.

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National Security Bureau chief Pavez Zoloch will visit Washington on Wednesday. Among other things on the visit schedule are US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan and meetings with Pentagon and State Department officials: Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Celeste Wallander and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland.

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