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Doda proudly presents its sports album. The fan was angry. got a reply

Doda proudly presents its sports album.  The fan was angry.  got a reply

It is undeniable that besides promoting the new album that will be released this fall, will add He does his best to make the sound loud. After the holiday, Polsat will broadcast a new reality show – “Doda. 12 Steps to Love” – in which the participants will fight for the singer’s heart.. Now it’s your turn Dorota Aqualiteja Rabczewska He doesn’t slow down and promote his latest singles. The results of the views were so satisfactory that she decided to thank the fans with a photo in bikini. However, not everyone liked her…

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Duda – quick snapshots. The man with or without a beard?

Duda posted a picture in a light bikini. An upset netizen criticized the singer

Two weeks ago, Doda’s latest song was released. The song promoting the upcoming album quickly gained a large number of views, so the artist decided to send words of thanks to the fans, as well as welcome new people to the profile:

Over two million views of the single “Melodia ta” in two weeks. This is the greatest prize for me. I also welcome new followers on my Instagram. Instead of bread and salt … left and right buttocks.

In photos added to the post, Rabczewska poses in a neon bikini with leopard print inserts, displaying a curvaceous and perfectly trained body. Soon comments appeared with words of appreciation:

I love the distance between you and yourself, my love! There is only one queen.

You can see a lot of action! You are beautiful!

Not only is it hot outside, but it’s also hot here.

Duda commented on the scandal with Fabijansky. It’s hard to disagree with her

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However, there was a voice of criticism among the commentators. One dissatisfied netizen expressed his refusal to show the body on social media:

Z*** times, seriously… Once upon a time, to see the f**k woman you love, you had to try… Once she showed up, as soon as you didn’t. Now all you have to do is go online. I didn’t see d**y duda, enter the net…but it’s like, real.

Dorota Rabitciuska, DodaYou will add a dress that emphasizes the athletic character. “You exaggerate”

will add She was not in debt and replied to the offending user:

You can still go to the beach. Perhaps the easiest way is during the summer holidays. I advise.

Do you agree with his indignation? After all, it’s a vacation…

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