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Don Vasyl wants to sing with Edyta Górniak. Will there be cooperation?

Don Vasyl wants to sing with Edyta Górniak.  Will there be cooperation?

Edita Gorniak (49) Some time ago she amazed fans when she sang a duet with Zinek. It was not her only performance with another singer. Diva has performed with many famous musicians. One of her most popular duet tracks was “Dumka na Two Hearts”. registered with Mietek Szcześniak About the movie “With Fire and Sword”.

Edita also sang with Marek Bikarczyk In the program “The Voice of Poland”, where they were both jurors. They performed the song Beata Kozydrac “What do you ladies give me”.

As we have already mentioned “The Voice of Poland”, it must be remembered that she and Górniak sat on the jury at one time Justina Steczkowska. The ladies were supposed to be in conflict, and a few years ago they were standing together on the stage. During the Fryderyk Award, the singers performed two songs together, i.e. “I am a woman” and “Shaman Girl”.

Edita Gurniak’s accomplishments include her world-class duo Jose Carrasim. They sang together for the first time in 1997. They also recorded the song “Amal Lana” which won the admiration of music lovers. Edita also threw some parties with Carreras.

Edita Gurniak also sang a duet with the deceased Krzysztof Krautzic. Then they performed the song “My Gypsies”. At that time, Diva admitted on stage that her dream had come true.

Now her uncle has a dream to go out with a singer, Don Fasil (71) The King of Rome called the scene music. He would like to record a CD with gypsy music with Edita. In his opinion, the singer can return to her roots by accepting his invitation to collaborate.

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He also mentioned that the singer still holds a grudge against his father and does not express herself well about him. According to Don Vasyl, if she performed in the Roma repertoire, then her father would be proud of her, because he had been waiting for her all his life.

Edita Gorniak does not deny her gypsy roots. Once asked if she was a half-gypsy, she replied:

My uncle’s proposal is an opportunity to show this talent, but also to introduce Gypsy culture to others.

Will Edita take advantage of her uncle’s offer and realize her father’s dream?

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