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Donald Trump: America is retreating under Biden’s leadership

Donald Trump: America is retreating under Biden's leadership

Former US President Donald Trump spoke Saturday at the Republican state convention in North Carolina. He accused, inter alia, in his speech that America is in retreat under current leader Joe Biden.

He criticized Biden for his actions on immigration, the economy and foreign policy. When we meet tonight, our country is crumbling before our eyes.

Returning to his accomplishments, he mentioned, inter alia, work on a COVID-19 vaccine, a stock market increase, building a border wall and restricting immigration, and a tough stance against Iran and China.

“It’s great to be back in Greenville with so many proud North Carolina patriots who love our country, support our military, respect our police, honor our flag, and always put America first,” he said.

Trump referred to the “bad things” that happened in the 2020 election, and predicted that the Republican Party would have a “huge advantage in the 2022 election.”

“We will win an important race for the US Senate in North Carolina and lay the foundation for Republicans to take power again in North Carolina in the year I look forward to: 2024,” he declared.

Trump said America’s survival depends on our ability to elect Republicans at all levels, starting with next year’s parliamentary elections.

In the polls, he remains the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

In his 90-minute speech, he blamed China for spreading the coronavirus. I suppose the world should demand compensation for it.

All countries should work together to bill China a minimum of $10 trillion to compensate for the damage it has caused. (…]We must all declare with one voice that China must pay, Trump urged.

See also  Ukraine. Viktor Medvedchuk, Putin's friend, pro-Russian politician and one of the richest Ukrainians, was taken over by the SBU. imagination

Regarding the epidemic, he said that his theory about the possible leakage of a deadly virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China was confirmed at the beginning of the epidemic.

– We had this terrible thing that came from China. And we were right – stressed.

He mocked his former medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, for rejecting this theory.

– He’s not a great doctor, but he’s a very good promoter. (…]He loves TV more than any politician, and they love TV, but he was wrong in almost everything and he was wrong with Wuhan and the laboratory too – he argued.

On Thursday, Fauci claimed that blaming China for intentionally modifying the virus is “far off”.

Referring to Facebook’s decision to ban the use of this company’s platforms, including Instagram, until January 2023, he downplayed the importance of this. “They can let me come back in a couple of years – I’m not very interested in that,” he said.

He also denied allegations that his actions undermine the democratic system. I am not the one who is trying to undermine American democracy, I am the one who is trying to save it. Please remember that, Trump said with a standing ovation.

Former presidential adviser Jason Miller had previously indicated Trump’s control of the party.

– There are two Republicans inside the Beltway (the highways surrounding Washington DC). (…) Those who realize that President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party and those who deny him have admitted.

Trump supporters came with “Trump 2020” signs in front of the Greenville Convention Center. They had “Trump 2024: I’ll be back” signs. Many of them had ‘Won Trump’ hats sold outside the building.

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