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Donald Tusk at EPP: The World on the Brink

Donald Tusk at EPP: The World on the Brink

The session will be held on Tuesday morning in Rotterdam, the Netherlands European People’s Party Congresswho elects a new president and his deputies. Donald Tusk As head of the EPP, he will replace the current leader of the EPP faction in the European Parliament, a politician from the German CDU Manfred Weber. The results of the vote will be announced on Tuesday.

Speaking during the summit, Tusk noted that “nine hundred days” have passed since his election as EPP president in November 2019. – It was nine hundred days that shocked the world – Evaluation of the current leader of the mailbox.

He recalled that when he started his office, The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in ChinaIn the next two and a half years, the United Kingdom left the European Union, Australia suffered the worst bushfires in history, the United States witnessed massive anti-racism protests after the death of George Floyd, and then stormed the Capitol after Donald Trump lost the presidency. election.

Moreover, as Tusk pointed out, the autonomy of Hong Kong ended, a revolution broke out in Belarus, the Americans surrendered to the Taliban in Afghanistan, and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reign in Germany ended. – And ninety days ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. The world is on the brink, and the prospect of a third world war has become a horrific realityTusk stressed that the risk of nuclear conflict is not only a topic for theoretical discussions.

According to the PO leader, The vision of the disaster is very real now. Let’s imagine for a moment that Trump won the elections in the United States, and the United States is no longer a member of NATO, as Trump has consistently suggested, and Putin attacks not only Ukraine, but also Lithuania, Poland or Romania. Political imagination? Someone might say yes to exaggeration, but did anyone expect what we see today three years ago? – asked Tusk.

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He also argued that at such a historical time as today, it is very clear who is who and who is on the side of who we are and what values ​​we stand for. – It is also clear how important: determination, mobilization and courage, how important clear intentions and clear attitudes are – he pointed out.

According to him, The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, Brexit and the US election have exposed a deep division in the worldAlthough – as he emphasized – it was only Russia’s aggression against Ukraine that sharpened the image of politics and showed with full force the nature of this division.

Tusk also noted that when core values ​​are at stake, there is no room for compromise. Today I would like to repeat with full conviction what should be our motto: we go into politics to defend truth against lies, victims against aggressors, to promote peace, to defend united Europe against nationalities, democracy against tyranny, freedom against tyranny and principles of law against lawlessness Who is in power – said Tusk.

Referring to the situation in Ukraine, the leader of the Civic Platform said that no one could remain indifferent to the burning of Ukrainian cities, the rape of women and children, the killing of civilians, the forced deportation of people deep in Russia. – Europe cannot discuss today how to save Putin’s faceAnd just about how to help Ukraine win this cruel war, said Tusk, because it is our war.

He noted that Russia does not even hide that the attack on Ukraine is a confrontation with the whole West – with the United States, the European Union and NATO. – Therefore, the full commitment of all of us on the side of Ukraine is not only our moral obligation – to be or not to be for the sake of Western civilization and its core values ​​- Tusk emphasized and added that Ukraine is also fighting on our behalf and in our interest. – He stressed that the most important time is for everyone in Europe to fully understand it.

Donald Tusk admitted it There is no shortage of defenders of Putin and his political philosophy in Europe. In this context, he referred to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, whom he described as “the steadfast defender of the Kremlin and the promoter of a neoliberal democracy, a de facto version of authoritarianism.” Today, he added, we can see how significant the decision to separate the EPP from Orban’s party, Fidesz, is. – It was not an easy decision, and it took several months to convince our leaders – He said.

He also expressed his disappointment that he failed to persuade EU leaders to change energy policy and shut down the gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2, which – he said – he had already sought as Polish prime minister after Russia seized Crimea and part of Donbass in 2014. – I called for the creation of an energy union and independence from gas supplies from Russia. There is no effect, unfortunately – Tusk admitted and added that the EU must now show determination to achieve these goals.

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As argued it The European People’s Party must lead the renewal of Europe In the spirit of its core values, the first and most important test of its credibility will be its unwavering and unanimous support for Ukraine. “We must help Ukraine win this war, but with the same determination we stand up for our values, such as respect for the law, human rights and civil liberties, as well as against our internal enemies,” Tusk said.

Vote for Manfred WeberWho, he said, is a man of compromise, but never when basic matters are at stake. He asserted that Weber had most helped him solve the problem of Fidesz’s presence in the EPP, and was also critical, in contrast to his political environment, about Nord Strem 2. There are many politicians who create problems, and you know them. Tusk said Manfred Weber solves it, which is why I fully and wholeheartedly recommend him as EPP Chair.

He noted that he decided last year to return to politics in Poland. He was proud of the position of the Poles who accepted hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees into their homes, showing true solidarity with them. – I want to win another battle with them – for the restoration of the rule of law, freedom of speech, the battle for European Poland, because there is no safe Europe without an independent Ukraine and a democratic Poland. – Tusk emphasized.

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