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Don’t have a coal stove? The government will help you anyway. Details here

Don't have a coal stove?  The government will help you anyway.  Details here

The new solution offers a reliable mechanism Determining the heat product for a certain level of average prices for households and utility enterprises.

The average price with compensation will be: PLN 150.95 / GJ for heat generated from natural gas or fuel oil, PLN 103.82 / GJ for heat generated from other sources.

If there are heat sources in the heating system that simultaneously use different types of fuel, then the average price of heat generation is set in proportion to the percentage share of a particular source.

Compensation. This is how the government wants to fight high prices

Enterprises that produce heat and apply the average price of heat production with compensation to households and utility enterprises are entitled to the so-called compensation. Thanks to this solution, the increase in heating prices and costs for heating hot water for homes and utilities will be limited.

The subsidy will be valid for the entire heating seasoni.e. from October 2022 to April 2023.

The government will pay extra money not only for coal

Homes where the main heat source is powered by wood pellets, agglomerated wood and liquid wood liquefied petroleum gasheating oil, will receive financial support as a one-time allowance.

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The one-time complement of households would be:

– 3000 PLN – if the main heat source is a solid-fuel boiler powered by wood pellets or another type of biomass;

– PLN 500 – if the main heat source is a gas boiler operating on liquefied petroleum gas;

– 2000 PLN – if the main heat source is an oil boiler.

If the application is submitted by more than one family member The allowance will be given to the first applicant.

Allowance will be given to sensitive entities to those entities that bear the costs of purchasing hard coal, briquettes or pellets containing at least 85% hard coal, wood pellets, as well as other types of biomass, liquefied petroleum gas, and heating oils, used for heating purposes, In connection with the performance of its legal activities by these entities. Goes, among others o hospitals, organized units of social assistance, night shelters, schools, nurseries, cultural institutions.

The allowance will be given to sensitive entities on a one-time basis for a specific heat source.

The allowance amount will cover 40 percent. Heating costs increase this season (Calculated based on the average price and amount of fuel consumed in 2020 and 2021).

You can apply for the benefit until November 30, 2022 s. The municipality will have a maximum of one month to examine the application and pay the allowance.

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