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Dorota Gardias is fighting for her health once again. He loses weight

Dorota Gardias is fighting for her health once again.  He loses weight

Dorota Gardias does not slow down. After the success of her performance on the show “Mask Singer”, she began her adventure in the music scene. Although the introduction is still active and looks great, its authenticity is in doubt. The Pleiades journalist asked Dorota about her condition after she fell ill. As is known, the presenter was suffering from malignant breast cancer last year. Fortunately, Dorota is doing well and is meticulously controlling the condition of her body with the help of trusted professionals.

It turned out that Dorota’s words were somewhat incorrect. After much thought, the TV presenter was honest and admitted that she suffers from excess weight, which for unknown reasons continues to deteriorate, which in her opinion is not a sign of health.

Dorota Gardias publicly admitted last year that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The weather was not good, so it was necessary to immediately react from the doctors and carry out a serious operation, during which the tumor was removed. Soon after these events, the TVN star opened up about the illness, confessing, among other things. In an interview with Jastrząb Post she can no longer be silent about breast cancer treatment and research, as she notes that many people are shy about discussing such topics.

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The talented 41-year-old woman, despite the sudden end of her relationship with Dawid Bakhut, whom she loved very much, still does not lose her good energy. After the breakup, she spoke publicly about her “desire to believe that time will heal all wounds.” Some of them seem to be slightly distorted. Gardias works hard on himself and still feels happy thanks to his daughter. The failures you experience are an integral part of human life.

We wish Dorota that the joy of life will not leave her, and that her health problems will end quickly.

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