October 23, 2021

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Dorota Szelągowska celebrates her 41st birthday with old photos and admits: "I considered myself one of the least attractive specimens" (photo)

Dorota Szelągowska celebrates her 41st birthday with old photos and admits: “I considered myself one of the least attractive specimens” (photo)

Recently, father. Dorota Zelogska It was high mainly because of her third divorce. The presenter was related to the director Michel and Oro. In 2018, the couple became the parents of a daughter Andy. On the occasion of the end of his marriage Szelągowska She tended to think about personal relationships.

Now I have presented topics for personal reflection Dorota Zelogska Another event: September 26 The journalist celebrates her forty-first birthday. On this occasion, she posted a post reflecting herself on Instagram, in which she described, in retrospect, the problems of accepting her appearance:

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On the occasion of my 41st birthday, I am posting here photos of my almost 30-year-old self. And I want you to know that It is believed that this dubgra in the photos is one of the most unattractive realistic specimens. First, Stretch marks filled me with disgustwhich I wore like scales under my clothes, fearing that stronger gusts of wind might reveal a terrible truth and I would be considered a lizard man. I was fat in my eyes too. Ugly fat arms, stomach and thighs. The breast is very low, the butt is flat, the lips are very narrow. Jesus, how could I not love myself.

Years later, her relationship with her body has changed:


On the one hand – oh How would I look like this again! On the other hand – how much time have I wasted in my life … At the age of 10 years and increases about 15 kg, same stretch marks and lips, the rest less, including my jawline fading, I had a hot feeling myself. What has changed in addition to what has changed for the worse? Okay I realized that the only thing I have a real influence on is myself. So my choice is whether or not I love myself. And that admiring yourself is better.

Before you suspect me of Paulocoelism’s quiver, Try to see yourself as someone you love unconditionally. Your children, best friend, parents. Do you really mind how imperfect they are? Do they have a scar on their face, make a mistake or get impossibly fat? Do you like them any less? exactly. That’s it and that’s it. Lest I be, spontaneous love doesn’t rule out working on myself, though I still stood apart from the dilemma—whether I liked being thinner and more attractive, or I liked to eat more. And I still don’t know, chomping on this ignorance (just like that) with ambrosia.

Szelągowska added some photos years ago to the entry.


Can you believe it?

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