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Dorota Szelągowska crying without makeup: “If a man washes off these layers of beauty, this remains” (photo)

Dorota Szelągowska crying without makeup: "If a man washes off these layers of beauty, this remains" (photo)

Dorota Zelogska She has been a presence in the exhibition field for years, becoming the undisputed interior expert. The daughter of Katarzyna Grochola has appeared several times on TVN in more and more new interior design shows. The celebrity is also active on Instagram, and keeps in touch with her fans.

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I stopped styling my hair, I still have frizz all over, I can prove it and I started exercising, so nothing else happened in this life of mine. In fact, I’ve always hated exercise and all kinds of sports. I despised her. And maybe the first time I did it, not to change something, but to take care of myself. It seems to be working – She said in an interview with Gossip.

The influences can be seen, among other things, at TVN’s Saturday Ball, where Szelągowska introduced her new character. Renovation expert stylist Marilyn Monroe smiled at the wall beside the mysterious handsome man. Dorota also added something of herself on Instagram right after the event.

The star posted a photo without makeup, to highlight what she really looks like when she washes up from the “beauty.” This is not the first photo of Dorota on her profile in a normal version.

And when one washes off those layers of beauty, that’s what’s left. I absolutely love it. Good afternoon – I wrote.

How do you like the natural Szelągowska?

When I remove my makeup in the evening, I always tell myself: During the day it is beauty at night which is terrifying. XD

And I love her for that. She’s right – you have to love yourself in every version without makeup, with makeup on.

Dear Dudu, I can assure you that girls don’t talk about kut.. while drinking. You and your friends probably do, so don’t put them all in one bag. I am your age and women our age are rather talking about which school to send the child to or what you do for lunch on Saturday. 40 years old and 16 year old mentality.

Better than Malgoni eR in Gold Edition

I don’t know this lady personally but she makes the impression of a very nice person, I love her face and smile 🙂

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How. She’s lost weight, she’s been constantly showing and flexing, and ending up with Botox and fillers

Conclusion: makeup is getting old. Bidoon looks fifteen years younger.

Say what you want, I don’t like her

The fair sex … so much so that it must be softened.

At the age of 50 what people want looks very good!!!

She also loves board games haha

It looks very nice 🙂

you know what? Everything is fine, but for me, this ball is a market for simplicity and artificiality. Only Malgosia M will find itself in such artificial climates.

I really like her cooking show

Maybe not all the layers were washed off, because I can see the lipstick in there.

Every now and then you sit in some new pants, how many guys have already transformed

Every now and then you sit in some new pants, how many guys have already transformed

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