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Dorota Szelągowska presents a slim figure that sums up a holiday in Bali (photo)

Dorota Szelągowska presents a slim figure that sums up a holiday in Bali (photo)

Dorota Zelogska Some time ago she decided to change her current habits and fight for her health. Thanks to a balanced diet and exercises under the guidance of a personal trainer, celebrities have succeeded Lose 10 kilos already. Currently, the interior designer willingly boasts of her altered silhouette and talks about her transformation behind the scenes. In a recent interview with ‘Party’, Zelgoszka, for example, revealed that she should start regular training sessions He pushed her back problems. She also emphasized that, although she does pay attention to the amount of calories consumed per day, from time to time He allows himself to make small deviations from his diet.

Dorota Zelogska He actively works on Instagram on a daily basis, keeps in touch with his fans. Recently, celebrity watchers can like on her profile mainly snapshots from the residence in Bali – her daughter Catarzyna Groschola I ventured to the yoga lover’s favorite island last week, and since then I’ve been regularly sharing more Paradise vacation photos and videos with the world.

On Saturday, Szelągowska posted another one on her Instagram profile Holiday “Postcard”. This time, the star showed fans how to unwind after dark in Ubud. The 42-year-old snapped a photo sitting on the floor barefoot, cigarette in hand, flaunting her beautiful legs. By the way, the father seduced her. small summary Last week in Bali.

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There were also comments from Internet users under Szelągowska’s post. Some users wished the celebrities a nice stay in Bali and shared their own experiences of traveling to the island. Many also praised the appearance of the 42-year-old, noting her slender figure.

Those skinny Balinese teens… oh no, that’s you! But the skinny girl. Wow, I didn’t. if not you; Wow, someone has scaled down a lot here; Dorota, who arranged for you like this? You look great, I mean you always look great, but now you’re way better than usual; how beautiful he is; You are beautiful; What a skinny lady; You can eat something, because the kilogram has gone somewhere blue; Who is this skinny girl? Users wrote.

Szelągowska decided to refer to the thoughts of netizens about her character. The famous star posted a short comment in her last post, confirming this She did not lose weight during her vacation in Bali – On the contrary, she has recently gained some weight. The star explained that her “skinny” appearance had to do with how her friend took the picture. By the way, she told a joke about …. the size of your feet.

See the latest pictures of Dorota Szelągowska from her vacation in Bali. Can you later?

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Why focus on her character? The article is about I want pictures while he is sitting. She was never fat. You’re making a lot of noise out of it. Let’s focus on human achievements.

He is on a cigarette diet

Grandma puts a picture on insta sitting with tube. Articles contain boxes – Szelągowska made a slim figure

And that’s what it is with weight loss, a week of normal food and 2.5 in excess…

That cigarette in the picture unnecessarily spoils the picture

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Rather, in their partisan world, there is no time for such dedication as a kid and theories can win what you want – people know what’s going on

She looks a lot like her mom without makeup.

Thanks to her mother, we know that the Szeląg is Urban’s distant family – the peas at his funeral said Urban’s wife was her aunt. You can see why someone is making a career and an equally talented person is not. Why is such a szelągowska making a career at this particular station.

The elbows are bony, there is a progression, whether it is thick or skeletal, it looks like something faint.

I thought it was nicer. No lousy makeup.

There is something annoying in her constant smile.

She always has a pet. awesome.

The obsession with thinness has come What is it all about?

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