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Dorota Wellman of Magda Mołek stated that she did not want to talk to Agata Duda

Dorota Wellman of Magda Mołek stated that she did not want to talk to Agata Duda

Dorota Wellman She has been associated with the media for many years. She is in such a constant position that she is not afraid to be criticized, but often supports initiatives that are appropriate for her. The journalist had the opportunity to appear on a YouTube program Magda Moshek In my style. The ladies have known each other for years and had the opportunity to work together on the set “Good morning TVN”. The host asked the TVN star why women are afraid to speak out today. Dorota Wellman said she was moved by the fear of the consequences of her statements.

The journalist expressed his hope that the upcoming elections will change our reality. Ladies started talking about non-parliamentary language in public. Often, women don’t want to use profanity, and Dorota Wellman notes that when you hear forbidden words from a man’s lips, you should react.

Dorota Wellman from Magda Mołek: We are very quick to judge and cross

Recently, Magda Moushik was also a guest Barbara Cordage the Devilwho have suffered severe consequences due to her vulgar and emotional post on Instagram. The artist stated that many women blamed her for using bad words.

Dorota Wellman reports that many of us sometimes swear by emotions.

“Let him first throw a stone, to whom did not. All these saints, and they themselves had similar situations, when emotions took precedence over reason. (…) I do not think that anyone would have such an attitude. However, we are very quick to judge and cross. We like transit in general. This is a good Catholic nation that loves crucifixion very much“- She said.

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You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Dorota Wellman has given many important interviews. Magda Moushik asked her colleague what questions she would ask First Lady Agata Duda.

“If a person has done such a job in the state, he is the first lady, and he has such an opportunity, such an opportunity in life, to do many good things, and he does not use this position to deal with important matters of women, children and families. Not just to present yourself with beautiful dresses at the harvest festival, but to do something really good for school when you are a teacher. If you don’t use any of your chances, but just do purely representative jobs – appearing when you have to, or go with a travel agency with her husband – then I’m not at all interested in what he’s going to say. He believes that this does not apply to a single political choice.”

The presenter noted that many first ladies work for their country. They use their site to help select areas.

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