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Dorota Wellman sums up her marriage: “It’s like living with a witch and a vampire in the same house.”

Dorota Wellman sums up her marriage: "It's like living with a witch and a vampire in the same house."

Dorota Wellman And the Krzysztof Wellman They have been married for more than 30 years. The journalist is not accustomed to revealing the details of her private life, repeatedly emphasizing that she is far from being an active celebrity. Moreover, the famous face of the program “Good morning TVN” She doesn’t even have her own Instagram account.

As the saying goes, “too much of it is unhealthy.” Dorota Wellman He claims to appear on TV frequently enough and There is no need to publish your photo on the Internet. Therefore, we rarely have the opportunity to find out anything about the life of the journalist and her husband Krzysztof, Which He deals with photography on a daily basis.

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In conversation with the portal She tells Dorota a little bit about her long relationship, admitting that it was her Partner is not easy with her. She compared her marriage to an apartment with a witch and a vampire.

Inspired by my husband who bravely endures what I am, it is no easy feat. It’s like living with a witch and a vampire in the same house. Really, this is difficult. Wellman once said, “Remember, if I thought of such a stupid idea of ​​becoming president, I would never be your first lady.” I think he was right – She said.

The journalist admitted that she likes her husband, which she believes She is a living legend in photography.

In his 40-year life Wellman took so many photos during the production of Polish films that it is a traveling museum. If you want to see a living museum for walking, I offer Krzysztof Wellman – She confessed.

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She is a wonderful woman, and she will not let a man go over his head or let him go with her. Every one should be this way. And if not, it’s just an easy task unfortunately. I do not want such a life for myself, it is better to be alone … Let’s respect each other !!!

This is a partnership relationship, not a ruler and servant. This should be the case in every relationship, but unfortunately patriarchy is still doing well in our country. I’m amazed that women nowadays still allow themselves to be on their heads… Bravo Dorota!

Very well. Happiness to them in the coming years.

Marriage, relationships and hard work.

Recent Comments (26)

I really love and respect Mrs. Dorota. I wish you all the best for years together.

Whatever whatever. The husband lives his life and everything is wrong with him, so his eyes don’t talk much. There are men that exist, that women are hyperactive and have passions, because thanks to this they have peace of mind.

This is already a symbol for me. Love this granny’s sharp tongue and cuteness! wonderful woman!

Hypocrites themselves! As Dominica Jowett says about her husband, she calls him a nourisher. Wellman isn’t much thinner than her, and her husband in the last picture is a tragedy at all, but the writers here don’t see her? You are a fake dog to the fullest! Shame!

I care about her marriage as much as I cared about the snow last year

My old man does the same to me 🙂

Presidential? By the way, a dude must be absolutely desperate, if a woman with such a frail appearance has such a terrible figure, then you really have no other options.

Like any woman of character.

This is a very cool Krzysztof Wellman

I love Mrs. Dorota, she is a tactile, kind and ordinary grandmother who has something interesting to say. She doesn’t deal with bullshit, because there’s more to her than participating in Love Island or doing an ad column

I do not like to stress that you are a person of heavy character and difficult for your immediate family. This is unpleasant.

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