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Double digit inflation again. The Central Bureau of Statistics released the latest data

Double digit inflation again.  The Central Bureau of Statistics released the latest data

The median forecast of analysts compiled by PAP Biznes indicated that the prices of consumer goods and services in April 2022 rose by 11.5% in Poland. On an annual basis, and on a monthly basis rose 1.3 percent.

I remember that The inflation rate in March was 11 percent. It was the fastest increase in prices in the 21st century, and analysts expected a significant decrease in the index, and at the end of March they were talking about the level of 10.1 percent. The April data turned out to be even higher and broke another barrier, this time breaking the 12% level.

As economists at Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank forecast, The peak of inflation in Poland will decrease in the summer months, and then the rate of price growth may reach 13-14%. every year.

Higher food prices will be the main catalyst. We assume that in the summer months the peak of the consumer price index (CPI) on an annual basis will be around 13-14%. Later in the year, inflation will begin to fall. In the fall, higher rules will help, and the effects of the boom in service prices will fade. It will be intertwined with factors related to the low mood of consumers and the problems of maintaining the positive growth of the real wage bill. As a result, at the end of the year, inflation will once again be in single digits, BGK economists estimated in their quarterly report.

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