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Drama Andziaks. Youtuber lost one of his teeth: ‘bitten a fork with all my strength and kicked something’ (photos)

Drama Andziaks.  Youtuber lost one of his teeth: 'bitten a fork with all my strength and kicked something' (photos)

Andziax He is one of the most popular influencers in the country. Her YouTube channel subscribes to more than eight hundred thousand peopleThe videos posted collect several million views. Angelica passionately shares her daily adventures on the Internet and makes no secret of her love for luxury. recently aroused interest, Luxurious wedding ceremony with YouTuber Luca.

Andziaks fans love to delve into every detail of celebrity life. By the way, she gives them permission to do so by publishing extensive reports on life’s struggles. On her channel you can enjoy not only the said wedding, but also Birth, also accompanied by cameras. In addition to her breakout moments, Angelica also shares trivia anecdotes and daily routines.

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Friday afternoon shift to Andziax Very crazy and full of unexpected situations. The influencer posted on Instagram a dinner with her husband’s grandparents who are loved by viewers. Fun time with the family was interrupted due to an unusual incident.

Moments after the movie was published from Andziaks Eating a salad… she lost part of her tooth. The entire event was carefully reported on Instagram, and observers were treated to a series of comedic photos of Angelica.

The last story I posted was not so lucky. Five minutes later my salad arrived. Instead of biting off the lettuce, I cut the fork with all my might and bit the metal, something broke and my teeth fell out.. Fortunately, not the whole tooth, but the veneers, but it looked funny because my teeth were brought down – The audience announced with a laugh.

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I don’t understand how you can see your healthy natural teeth, I have a lot of friends who, unfortunately, fall out of their veneers from time to time

The ex-stepfather has a better crust.

Young and dandruff. She had a beautiful one.

Poor dentists, anesthetists, nurses, cashiers, waiters and all the other people who can’t cram the patient/client because their phones are covered through insta records everything live

Some kind of dental bartender? 😓

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1 hour ago

I wanna die.

They make sure their candles are 100% natural, I recommend you go to their store and see for yourself how suffocating and ‘containing’ chemicals are, that’s my opinion.

A truly terrible massacre.. a topic for articles of the year and my nails cracked

Well, it’s worse for me: I bit my heel and broke the root, the tooth needs to be removed, the implant is not available, so four can be seen. I’ve been walking for several years 🙁

And it has very short and I would like to stick it with a diameter of 20 cm. How much does something like this cost?

Another report from the Chair of Gynecology.

And I was in her store and I say in good conscience that for me these candles are too suffocating, I wanted to buy a perfume, but everyone waved and found why I should force myself to buy, if I did not like them and they are suffocating and I’m still 99 PLN, in Rossmann, I waved for PLN 40 And the smell was huge, but then I gave it up, because in my head I was going to light a candle, and what turns out to be these candles also is a suffocating chemical and I wonder if it’s really very natural

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Report the bad times of the dental chair. What’s the matter. Awkward climax!!! But you see you can win, why not. If there is no money for such outbursts, there will be cries that it is a violation of intimacy.

Hit the pictures 😂 Very cool girl with a distance as you can see….

The service in her shop is endless, something happens there on the basis of “You don’t look…, you don’t buy….” No respect for man… Because what? Because shoddy clothes?

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