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Drama continues: Iona Pavlovic’s reaction to Polina Smaszcz’s mockery (photo)

Drama continues: Iona Pavlovic's reaction to Polina Smaszcz's mockery (photo)

November 8 will be recorded in the history of Polish business as the day when Paulina Smash She rose to the height of making scathing comments. It all started a month ago when the 49-year-old revealed her ex-husband’s affair, Maciej Kurzajewskiwith Katarzina Seechubek. Since then, celebrities sometimes comment on their affair, pasting the previous staples in one form or another. At one point, journalists decided to ask other celebrities what they thought of her behavior …

She said, inter alia, Isabella JanachowskaWhoever decides that “he who is happy does not attack anyone,” attacking others is “weak.” Smaszcz did not like the words of the “Taniec z Gwiazdami” leader exceptionally, bounced the ball and suggested that it does not count with the sentence Janachuska. She did it in a very not very elegant way and added that IsabellaShe married a millionaire, so she shot a child with him and left his wife.”

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Apart from Janachowska in this thread Smashing also hung Iona Pavlovic. In an interview with Jastrząb Post service, “Czarna Mamba” stated that “If a person is a happy person, he will probably never go back to the way he was.”. She was also surprised that Polina brought up this topic long after her divorce.

I’m surprised they broke up so long ago. (…]People break up differently, I also broke up with my husband, but to this day we are in really positive and good relationships. We respect each other a lot and that is probably the most important thing. Besides, I am happy and he is happy, so after so many years such stories are meaningless and unnecessary. If someone is a happy person, they are probably not going back to the way they were. Also Polina, let her go. Live your life. You are definitely happy – said Pavlovic.

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Of course, Paulina Smaszcz did not remain passive and decided to heed the advice of the juror “Dancing with the Stars”. Celebrities never uttered words.

What is this expert? Iona Pavlovich, who divided the man’s family with three children and left three children after the divorce? She herself has no children and would you advise me, Mom? I asked indignantly.

Iona Pavlovich is not interested in domestic drama, because she is currently resting abroad. However, one netizen decided Inform the 60-year-old that she is involved in a major dispute.

And in Poland, you are haunted by some fake celebrities – Monitor Iona wrote.

none of my business. I have a beautiful life that I worked and worked hard for. Best Regards Pavlovic replied.

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Mrs. Polina, we would like to thank you, it is time to go on vacation indefinitely, during which time we will be collecting donations for your treatment. : s

Some facts about the life of a woman working with fireworks. She filed for divorce, and immediately entered into a relationship with a wealthy man who had a wife. The big obstinate Polish did not mind. Unfortunately, the man returned to his wife and there was nothing left for her. She was blamed for bullying with harassment in the background. She makes money on other women by teaching them to live beautifully after a divorce – and as we all see, she can’t handle this divorce herself. She built an image of a seduced wife, but recently got lost in her stories, confirming that this woman (cichopek) appeared in Maciej’s life after their divorce. She is obsessed with vitality and alertness. At first, even these scandals were funny, unfortunately now I have reached the bottom, I am afraid that the next stage will be a situation in which Mrs. Paulina will throw her paws at some event to another woman who is better off financially and emotionally

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Season! Learn Paulina 😉

Smaszcz plowed herself into a Ph.D. as a lecturer and I don’t know who else. Mrs. Iona answered beautifully and elegantly. Bozdro Pudelkovic

I think sms where you ask Januska or something… to make a date with a nice guy. Such kind of predator Professor Doctor, and on the other hand dreams of the lives of people who have whims

Recent Comments (82)

The whole show is embarrassing, the woman is making fun of it, and I’m amazed that people from the so-called elite respond to taunts and public cleaning and these open letters, you have to ignore these people or appoint a lawyer in the privacy of my lawyer and get what you need to do where you want

Paulina has a sense of some nasty task of uncovering facts that don’t interest her, and she does the job with white gloves, over the corpses of other people, including those closest to her. He thinks only of himself, his contentment and his victory. Extremely cruel selfishness. very sad…

Black Mamba class is alone and I buried myself again Szmacz

And I feel sorry for his partner… Once he says he has a partner, is it a temporary relationship and then he’s looking for WTF all the time?!

good woman…

9 minutes ago

Mrs. Polina your ex-husband hurt you, but please forgive yourself and don’t drown yourself. Weak, you would have thought he would get romance novels, but he is very petty and he will come to you for dinner as you wrote, unfortunately, a man is a man when he falls in love and wants to make a life, you do your circus. for what? You are only hurting yourself and your family. This is the only problem you’ll face, and the first one won’t come back….. stop it

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‘Her mother advises, ‘he but she let Texsiura go for those with children and those without children Smaszcz advises you to be silent for your children because you do so much that you are really ashamed

Tomorrow we will go to Smolensk menstruation

Why did Janachowska and Pawlowicz get themselves involved in this scandal by expressing their opinions about Smarszcz and Kurzajek? What are these powers? Now they have it for them. They educate others in public with their ears behind them

In terms of the picture, this lady swept it away

Exactly..everyone is mourning their fate,they have the life they deserve..regards Mrs.Paulina,please take a step back and review your attitude towards life and the people around you

This is one of those fireworks that you buy for millions of coins, because it’s meant to make the biggest impression. And there’s such a quiet voice… and it ends in a mess… and it was supposed to be so beautiful

For me, Mrs. Paulina is right. What someone will comment on is what they say to the other person who caused the divorce. You don’t know what she’s been through, she took care of the children herself, and he was in bed with Cichopków, instead of taking care of the children, they had a secret relationship.

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