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Drama om¿a Vive Kielce in the UEFA Champions League Final. Barcelona wins on penalties

Drama om¿a Vive Kielce in the UEFA Champions League Final.  Barcelona wins on penalties

After a semi-final win over Telekom Veszper 37:35, the Łomża Vive Kielce handball players fought back on Sunday to claim their second win in the Champions League. In the final, the opponent of Talant Duyshebaev’s team was the defending champions – handball players F.C.B. The inhabitants of Kielce believe that Saint John. matches With the Catalans this season they will be able to score a “hat-trick”, as they have faced him twice this season and won both times – 32:30 in Barcelona and 29:27 in Kielce.

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Final couldn’t be more than that. Karalik’s cunning gave Umta Vive extra time

However, just as in the semi-finals on Saturday, it was the start of the final match for the Polish champions’ opponents. competitors F.C.B They took advantage of Kelsey’s loss straight away – after Ngusan and Gomez’s goals, they advanced at a 5:2 speed. This allowed the Catalans to gain the initiative throughout the first half as well.

The defending title’s three-goal advantage remained at 10:7 for them. Stunning winger Alex Gomez was rushing once again over the Spanish champions, scoring six goals in the first half. At the end of the first half, Alex Duyshebaev woke up on the side of Łomża Vive, who was shooting goals, assists and scoring penalties and penalties for his opponents. Thanks to him Shimon Seko had the opportunity to reach 13:13 just before the break, but the opponents responded with a very quick resumption and effective individual action from Gomez, thanks to which Barcelona were 14:13 ahead in the first half. Half.

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“Vive Kielce fans have taken over the city”. Great photos before the LM final

In the second part of the game, the Kelsey residents did not allow their opponent to jump again. Thanks to the far goals scored by Władzisław Kulesz and Dani Duyshebayev, they were able to quickly equalize, and even lead by one goal. Alex Duyshebaev also doubled and tripled, and Artyom Karalik was doing well on the steering wheel.

The Polish champions played with the defending champions with a goal, sometimes they were ahead by one goal, sometimes they were even. This was the case until 26:25 in the 57th minute of the match, when Decca M scored a goal for Barcelona, ​​then Artyom Karalik scored a fatal loss, and after a counterattack, Ali Zein gave the first lead to the Catalans. In a long time (26:27).

When Tomas Gibala received a penalty for a little more than two minutes until the end of the match, and after a while at 27:28 in the 59th minute Igor Karacic lost the ball, it seemed that the match could be over in an instant. Dika Mem had possession of the ball to seal victory, but sent the ball past Łomża Vive’s goal and Kielce got the last chance to equalize. Alex Duishebayev did not beat the goalkeeper, but was fouled.

A few seconds before the end, Artiom Karalek and Władzisław Kulesz played a free kick so cleverly and quickly that Karalek came head-to-head with the Barcelona goalkeeper and, before the last siren, equalized (28:28) and overtime.

Łomża lost Vive Kielce, but now dominated for years.  They will be strongerŁomża lost Vive Kielce, but now dominated for years. They will be stronger

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Penal sanctions this time are not on the Kielce residents. Barcelona defended the Champions League

Overtime was like the rest of the match. Once Łomża Vive was in the lead, once FC Barcelona, ​​but when Dika Mem tied 32:32 with 50 seconds left, Kielce still had the ball to win, but in the end the Champions League victory was decided by penalty kicks.

But this time, he was not so lucky, as in 2016, when the team defeated Kelsey Vesprem on penalties. Andreas Wolff came close to defending Alex Gomez and Dickie Mim. The German was centimeters away from happiness, but it wasn’t him in the end, but opposite Gonzalo Perez De Vargas defended the decisive “seven” by blocking Alex Duishebayev’s throw.

After Ludovic Fabregas’ goal, Barcelona could celebrate a 5:3 penalty shootout victory and effectively defend the title in the Champions League. And the residents of Kielce have nothing to do but return to Cologne next year, with a stronger formula, and put the icing on the cake. Because the fact that Łomża Vive Kielce is indeed a team from the strict European summit, is not subject to any debate.

Umta viv Kelsey – Barcelona 32:32, pp.3:5 (13:14, 28:28)

omża Vive: Wolff, Kornicki – A. Deutschpaggio (4 goals), Deutschpaggio (4), Gobala, Karadzic (1), Karalik (4), Kules (4), Moreto (4), Nahi (2), Olijncak. , Paczkowski, Sanchez-Migallon, Sićko (3), Tournat (2), Vujović (4). Coach: T. Duyshebaev.

Barcelona: Perez de Vargas, Maciel-Areno (3), Biennale, Cendric, Fabregas (1), Fernandez (3), Gomez (9), Yank (1), Langaro (1), McCook (1), MIM (5) ), Njisan (5), Richardson (2), Petros (1), Zane. Coach: C Ortega.

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