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Dramatic scenes at Kabul airport. People were holding the departing plane

Trzy osoby spadły z odlatującego z Kabulu samolotu na domy mieszkalne - podał w poniedziałek lokalny serwis Asvaka News Agency i opublikował nagrania ze zdarzenia. Nie ma oficjalnego potwierdzenia tych doniesień.

On Monday, the local Asfaka news agency reported that three people had fallen from the plane departing from Kabul on residential homes. There is no official confirmation of these reports.

Thousands of people stormed Kabul airportIn an attempt to flee from Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country. People are trying to get on planes.

Recordings on social media show a crowd running on the asphalt toward a US Air Force plane. Other photos show people trying to climb the stairs to the plane, some hanging from the handrail.

On social media, Asfaka News Agency wrote that locals said so Three young men cling to the landing gear of the plane departing from Kabul. After takeoff, the men fell into apartment houses.

These people reportedly fell from a C-17 near Kabul Airport.

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The service published a video clip showing two unidentified objects falling from a flying machine. This was confirmed by a local resident The bodies fell on the apartment houses, causing a “thunderous and frightening” noise.

In another recording – as it is written – you can see local residents taking the bodies of fallen men from the machine.

The site also publishes a photo of the Afghan Kam Air plane with people sitting on the roof.

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Earlier, witnesses told Reuters that at least five people died on Monday at Kabul airport while trying to board planes. It is not known if the people reported by Asvaka News were among the victims.

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