July 27, 2021

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Driver, find out how to avoid a fine of 500 PLN by driving on the highway.  Don't get caught up in the modern system

Driver, find out how to avoid a fine of 500 PLN by driving on the highway. Don’t get caught up in the modern system

After making the changes, drivers should be careful, because they can easily get a fine of 500 PLN. The new e-TOLL fee collection system is still an incomprehensible mystery to many people and you can easily get rid of the penalty. However, this is easy to avoid if we make a mistake.

Fix the bug before getting the ticket

The e-TOLL system that has been in operation for several days is a real problem for some drivers. We are talking about two sections on Polish roads: A2 Konin – Stryków and A4 Bielany Wrocławskie – Sośnica. The driver must remember that when entering the gates, he must choose the appropriate e-TOLL.

Thus, in the case of the A2 motorway, these are the two extreme right lanes, while in the case of the A4 motorway, these are the three extreme right lanes. All drivers using the new toll collection system must identify these gates when exiting and exiting the motorway. But what do we do when we make a mistake? You definitely do not panic!

If we enter the highway through a wrong gate, do not stop, reverse direction, and do other unnecessary things. Driving should continue and the error can be fixed at the next gate. Then he guarantees that no fine of 500 PLN will be sent to our address.

Restrictions on punishment

What do you remember?

When leaving the motorway, select a gate with manual toll collection and explain to the person that a mistake was made. However, we will not avoid paying to drive the toll section of the road, which is of course normal. It’s not worth debugging with another mistake, so leave via the e-TOLL gate, because the fine will be inevitable.

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It is also worth knowing that if we accidentally stopped at the e-TOLL gates, and were not registered, it is enough to quickly download a ticket there and continue. The “old way” we’ll take it back at the next gate and pay for the ride.