October 21, 2021

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Duda divorced Emile Stoupio.  I told the fans that

Duda divorced Emile Stoupio. I told the fans that

Dorota Rabicioska-Stupnic I Emil Stupio Ending their marriage by divorce. The singer stated on Instagram that she has filed divorce papers in court. Soon their marriage, which lasted nearly three years, will end. Doda has decided to provide the information via Instagram so that it is not applied by third parties.

The artist wrote that she does not intend to reveal the reasons for the separation and the history of their relationship.

I leave behind the scenes for our breakup to myself, as well as our entire relationship. Thanks everyone for your support. I think that the best is still ahead of me, ”- wrote the star.

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Duda and Emil Stupio decided to end their marriage

A worm divorces her husband

Soon, the controversial screening of Peter Krysiak’s book “Girls from Dubai” will appear on cinema screens across the country. Even during the filming of the movie, it was raucous about him, because Duda and her husband Emil Stupio were involved in the production of the novel. The star also indicated in his intervention about the separation from a business partner that the announcement of the divorce was not intended to promote the film.

On the business front: The premiere of “Girls from Dubai” with the English version of “Girls to buy” this fall. My own decisions are not video promotion. However, I would like to emphasize once again: in our company we are 50/50, I deal with creative production and marketing, and my husband Emil Stępie is responsible for finances and office management ”- finished the entry process.

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