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Duda: Poland is getting stronger militarily. We will defend every village until it falls

Absolutnie fundamentalnym priorytetem jest dla nas to, by wojna na Ukrainie zakończyła się w sposób dla Polski bezpieczny - powiedział prezydent Andrzej Duda podczas spotkania z ambasadorami RP. Podkreślił, że Ukraina powinna odzyskać kontrolę nad swoim terytorium w granicach uznanych międzynarodowo.

During his meeting with Polish ambassadors, President Andrzej Duda said that ending the war in Ukraine in a way that is safe for Poland is a very basic priority for us. He stressed that Ukraine should regain control of its territory within the internationally recognized borders.

The President met the ambassadors of the Republic of Poland participating in the annual conference organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

replace the boss Current priorities of Polish foreign policy.

Today, our primary and primary priority is to ensure that this war ends in a safe manner for Poland. Not only that it just ends. No, that’s not what we mean – said Duda.

stressed that For the first time since the end of World War II, we are dealing with a large-scale warWith all the repercussions. He stressed in this context that more than two million refugees from Ukraine, whom we call “guests from Ukraine”, have found shelter in Poland.

The president said that the true ambition of the free world community must be Restoration of the rule of international law. The point, he added, is to “do everything in its power to compel today’s aggressor Russia to abide by international law.”

what does that mean? This means, firstly, the cessation of hostilities, and secondly, Ukraine’s return to full control of the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine. – He said.

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He also stressed that Polish foreign policy should constantly remind on the international scene that “the real aspiration of the democratic society, the society of the free world should be to restore the primacy of international law in this aspect.” Ukraine must regain control of its territory within internationally recognized borders – said Duda.

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He also noted that Poland provides unequivocal support to the authorities in Kyiv, through, inter alia: the continued presence of our Ambassador to Ukraine, Bartosz Ciechoki.

Thanks to the ambassador’s attitude and these decisions, we were already a real neighbor and did not leave Ukraine even for a moment – said Duda.

He stated that it should be one of the very important elements of Polish foreign policy Supporting Ukraine by supplying arms. He stated that so far Poland has sent equipment worth more than 1.6 billion US dollars to our eastern neighbor.

Among other things, we have sent more than 240 tanks and 100 armored vehicles and have sent R

Chest bags, we sent huge amounts of ammunition, we sent guns, we sent a lot of different weapons as well as personal equipment: flak jackets, Kevlar helmets for Ukrainian soldiers – Doda’s back.

He added that these deliveries are supposed to take place To stop and repel Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine so that it does not reach Poland.

That is exactly why it was sent almost without thinking, because we knew it was needed right away and this is one of the reasons why we stayed and cooperated very closely and consultatively over the phone with our neighbors from Ukraine just to meet their various needs – said the chief.

In this context, he pointed out that Poland is also significantly enhancing its military capabilities. He hoped that our country would be able to bet at least 300,000. Soldiers defending the borders of the Republic of Poland not from the Vistula line, but from the border line with Ukraine, Belarus and Kaliningrad Oblast.

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From that moment on, the enemy must be stopped, so that every village, even those closest to the border, can make sure that A Polish soldier will defend her until she falls This is of fundamental importance when it comes to building, firstly, a sense of community in our society, and secondly, the certainty that we live in a respectable and responsible nation with responsible authority. This is how we want to implement it and I hope it will be implemented in the coming years The chief said.

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Supporting Ukraine’s European aspirations was also included among the priorities of Polish diplomacy. I judged it Granting Ukraine candidate status to the European Union It’s of fundamental importance, which is why Poland has been fighting for it from the start.

The European Council meeting will start on June 23 and we hope that the decision on granting candidate status to Ukraine will be taken there. The chief said. He stressed that regardless of the final decision, “Poland will support Ukraine’s rapprochement with the European Union, the culmination of which we hope in the future will be its full membership.”

The president also raised the issue of sanctions against Russia and talks with Moscow. In his opinion, penalties It should be held until Ukraine says it can be taken off.

If Ukraine says that sanctions can be lifted because life is returning to normal, and Ukraine also has serious interests with Russia, then Western society should seriously consider lifting sanctions. As long as these penalties should not be tightened – said Duda.

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He stressed that this should be done The President of Russia expressed his readiness to hold talks. The point is that Vladimir Putin wants to talk, not for European leaders to ask the aggressor to talk to him. We have to tighten the screws so that Vladimir Putin can help Ukraine request an interview – said Duda.

According to the President, another challenge in which Polish diplomacy will be engaged is the issue of rebuilding Ukraine after the cessation of hostilities. He also emphasized that it was Russia that started the war, and therefore the reconstruction of Ukraine should take place in the first place Funded by Russian funds.

Let’s realize that perhaps these funds will not be enough and we will have to look for various possibilities to create funds and find funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine. I would like us to be active in this regard and would like to take part in the reconstruction of Ukraine; that our companies participate in – He said.

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