September 23, 2021

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Duda's words about "Lex TVN" provoked a reaction abroad.  US Secretary of State with a request to the President of Poland |  World News

Duda’s words about “Lex TVN” provoked a reaction abroad. US Secretary of State with a request to the President of Poland | World News

US Secretary of State Anthony J. Blinkon said in a statement on Monday that his country had reiterated its concern over the agreement signed on Saturday. President With the revision of the Andrzej Duda Administrative Practice Code.

As Blinken points out, the law “severely restricts compensation and compensation for property confiscated during the communist era,” and the United States “deeply regrets” the adoption of these laws.

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We also urge the Polish government to consult with stakeholder representatives, resolve disputes over confiscated property, and establish clear, efficient and effective legal procedures to ensure fair justice for victims. In the absence of such a procedure, this law would harm all Polish citizens who have been mistreated, including Polish Jews who have been victimized by Polish citizens.

– We read in the Secretary of State’s report United States.

The amendment to the Administrative Code assumes that any administrative decision relating to nationalization cannot be rescinded after 30 years have elapsed.

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Andrzej Duda: I will defend freedom of speech

“Lex TVN”. US Secretary of State comments on Andrze Duda’s statement

Anthony Blingen also referred to words delivered by President Andrzej Duda on Sunday.

The President promised that Poland would keep its obligations under bilateral agreements. He declared that he would “uphold constitutional principles at all times, including freedom of speech and freedom to conduct business.” Andrzej Duda’s words were read as a veto announcement of an amendment to the Media Act (known as “Lex TVN”) adopted last week. Sage.

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“We welcome President Duda’s statement this weekend in support of freedom of speech, the integrity of agreements and the shared values ​​that support our relationship,” said Anthony Blingen.

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“We strongly urge you to act in accordance with these values ​​in relation to the expected legal process. rz ± Dem To implement our common priorities based on democratic values, including respect for fundamental freedom of expression, “he added.

Discovery said in its announcement last week that it was “taking legal action on the basis of a bilateral investment agreement between the United States and the Republic of Poland.” We are talking about the Trade and Economic Relations Agreement signed in 1990.

The announcement came the day after the so-called Sagem passed the referendum. Of the “Lex TVN” Act, which was successful in practice, among other things, within the TVN24 station. This law was passed Senate. Discovery called the amendment an “attack on the freedom of the press and press” and “directly targeted TVN Discovery, the country’s leading independent broadcaster and news anchor, and TVN Discovery, one of the largest U.S. investments in Poland.”