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Dying Light 2 on twrcw i . board

Dying Light 2 on twrcw i . board

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August 26, 2021, 23:02

Gamescom 2021 will bring you the third episode of Dying 2 Know in a series of streams where Techland developers talk about Dying Light 2. This time the combat system, weapons and parkour are in the works.

according to plan The third stream in the series is happening today death 2 know, where the developers of the Polish company Techland introduce fans to the following items from the future death light 2. The episode will air today at 20:00, and will be hosted by the game’s chief designer, Tymon Smektaa. His names were top programmers Kasper Kowalczuk and Adam Michowski, Matt Courtois the animator, Marek Musia and Szymon Strauss, the gunsmith, and Misha Dudziak, one of the designers. As you probably guessed, The talks mainly dealt with the combat system, weapons and parkour. You can find a full stream of the stream (with Polish subtitles) below for those interested in the bowl itself, I’ll add, maybe 8:39 A new trailer for the game has been introduced.

The creators boasted that the entire parkour system and related animations were created from scratch, not carried over from one and only slightly improved. You must physically feel every movement of the character, and elements of urban development, which at first appear to us as obstacles, must be used over time in order to move more efficiently and effectively also through the star. To better reflect the character’s animation, professional businessmen were used.

Combat is also supposed to be intuitive enemies that will react to our strikes gradually, depending on the weapon we use, and each successive hit will cause them to behave differently. Both animators and humans can cut off limbs, design ears, knock, etc. Even the developers confirm it death light 2 It will test players’ creativity in terms of brutal and bloody executions of opponents. For this purpose, we will be using more than 200 unique weapons as inspiration to create some of them from agricultural, construction or military tools as well as items that land in landfills.

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We will first find the gear in the game world and then improve it. What we have will depend on which faction we are allied with. During the flow two groups are mentioned, moving mainly on the roofs and avoiding fighting the survivors, and around the fear of the law, who are firmly on the ground and will give us access to a wealth of heavy equipment, including explosives. .

Let’s remember that mail death light 2 Coming December 7th on PC, PS4, PS5, XONE, and XSX | S. Recently we had a chance to see what ray tracing looks like in the game you will find Here. Previous episodes of the course death 2 know But you will see Here I Here.