October 21, 2021

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Dying Light 2: TechlandGG allows you to earn rewards from the game

Dying Light 2: TechlandGG allows you to earn rewards from the game

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June 2, 2021, 20:36

The makers of Dying Light 2 today unveiled TechlandGG, a new version of the Community Hub for their products that will allow them to earn special rewards.

the first show death light 2 But, yes handle On December 7, 2021, Techland intends to maintain our interest in its new production. One of the manifestations of Polish marketing activity he is Starting today, a revamped version of the Community Center for their addresses. TechlandGG (short for players and goodies, i.e. players and tools), because we are talking about it, It will provide access to exclusive contentThis will allow us to penetrate deeper not only into the universe dying light, but also other company games, for example Juarez’s Call: Gunslinger.

The rules are simple, we create an account on TechlandGG, then we know it from our profile on Steam, PlayStation Network and / or Xbox Live (you can choose it). The next step will be a little more difficult, because we will follow the material provided by the Polish company (for example on its YouTube channel) And search for hidden icons in them. We’ll exchange it at Cartermaster, dying light For rewards that include unique and powerful items (marked in-game as Rare Blue, Unique Violet, and Legendary Orange)

However, this is not the end of the attractions when On our TechlandGG account we will be able to gain levels of experience, which will not only bring us new equipment, but also provide us with digital goods in the form of wallpapers, concept art or parts of an audio track (OST). You will also earn points needed to unlock higher and higher ranks by keeping track of developer materials, but also by completing daily tasks. Other sources, such as subscribing to Techland’s newsletter, will be added soon. In addition, you can already start collecting a total of six items in an exclusive outfit for Aiden Caldwell, the main character death light 2.

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Is it worth following the actions of Polish developers on them? DiscordziAnd the Facebook social networking siteAnd the TwitterAnd the Instagram I The YouTube? Answer this question yourself. I will just add that new The game will be released on PC, XONE and XSX | S, PS4 and PS5 with full Polish subtitles (audio and subtitles). The title takes up relatively little disk space too will save Cross-play and ray tracing. These micropathies will appear in it.