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E.B. on the decision of the US Supreme Court. Ziemkiewicz: A bunch of freaks

E.B. on the decision of the US Supreme Court.  Ziemkiewicz: A bunch of freaks

Last Friday, the US Supreme Court, nearly 50 years later, Repealed federal abortion laws. From now on, individual US states will be able to ban abortion on their territory. In 1973, Roe v. legalized abortion. The Wade decision reaffirmed abortion rights in 1992 and Roe and Planned Parenthood v. The Casey ruling is no longer in effect.

European leaders are unhappy with the US Supreme Court ruling

A critical opinion on decisions of the US Supreme Court was expressed, among others British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. – This is a very important decision. “I think it’s a step back,” the politician explained. Abortion is a basic right for all women. He said in a Twitter post that it should be protected. French President Emmanuel Macron.

As PiS MP Zbigniew Krasnodębski reported on Twitter on Thursday, the US Supreme Court’s decision will be debated by the European Parliament next week.


“The European Parliament does not respect the US Supreme Court’s right to interpret the US Constitution. At its next session next week, it intends to denounce its ruling again,” wrote Krasnodepsky.

“The law and the courts are respected by the majority of the EP only when they serve its ideology,” said the politician, showing a section of the agenda containing information on the planned debate and resolution on the ruling of the US Supreme Court. .


“A crowd of hysterics who rocked the European Parliament are preparing a resolution condemning the violation of the rule of law by the US Supreme Court. In fact, the more they make fun of themselves, the better for Poland” – commented Rafał Ziemkiewicz.

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