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E10 gasoline engine. The government is preparing a new type of gasoline – there is a bill

E10 gasoline engine.  The government is preparing a new type of gasoline - there is a bill

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the introduction of E10 engine gasoline, with an increased share of vital components, would not contribute to lower prices at petrol stations, but perhaps on the contrary. The proposed changes provide for the introduction of new gasoline from 2024.

Council of Ministers On Tuesday, she discussed the draft law to amend the law on biological components and liquid biofuels and to amend the law on fuel quality control and control system prepared by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Prime Minister on the proposed new regulation

– During the Cabinet, we discussed the whole new regulation on this and decided to increase the share of bio-based products. Let’s keep in mind that this transition to a direct drop Prices at gas stations Will not contribute, and some believe, perhaps rightly, on the contrary, said the head of government.

This is why, he added, “we need to temper these changes with other changes that will lead to a gradual decrease in fuel prices.” – You, in colloquial language, “squeeze” the sellers and distributors. We are achieving this positive impact and we want to implement it in the future. I would like to add that we have decided to make these prices not only indicative, but also mandatory and linked to possible penalties on the part of fuel companies, if they do not comply with this – said the Prime Minister.

A new type of E10 gasoline

In the list of legislative and programmatic acts of the Council of Ministers this was made clear in connection with the invasion Russia For Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions by the European Union, the fuel market is experiencing significant changes, especially in the areas of supply chains, both in crude oil and in ready-made liquid fuels: diesel oil and gasoline. “In this difficult situation, especially for the transportation sector, all roads are valuable, and their implementation may reduce the fluctuations in fuel prices for transportation and the need to import them” – he emphasized.

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She added that the issue of reducing dependence on the import of fossil raw materials from Russia also requires regulation, especially in the context of the sixth package of sanctions implemented by the European Union. “The proposed solution in this regard is the implementation of the E10 gasoline engine, that is, with an increased share of vital components” – it was reported.

The list shows that this type of gasoline will be available from 2024.

The draft itself has not yet been published on the website of the Center for Governmental Legislation.

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