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E3 2021 – Show dates and times

E3 2021 - Show dates and times
June 3, 2021, 2:55 pm

Next week, E3 2021 will begin. So we decided to gather information on upcoming presentations, organized by major publishers such as Ubisoft, Microsoft and Nintendo, as well as smaller developers focused on games.

Just like last year, the summer will now be spent not at huge exhibitions, but at presentations on the network. Below we provide a list of conferences that will take place as part of (or during) the E3 2021 event. This year’s edition will run from June 12-15, but it’s worth noting that some of the events planned are not officially related to the Entertainment Software Association’s fairs. As a result, we’ll be seeing the premieres even before the start of E3 2021. Let’s also mention that not all announced conferences actually have dates? We still don’t know when Square Enix will show.

Upcoming events:

Advertising ?? Battlefield 6 games

  1. June 9

Chu Electronic Arts Getting ready The special conference only on July 22, the publisher decided to go into the hands of fans Battlefield series I much earlier to announce college odsion Course. We’ll see for the first time on Wednesday, June 9 at 4:00 PM Poland time Battlefield 6 (If this is the title of the game). Details haven’t been revealed, but we should expect a preview of the trailer, as well as the release date and other details regarding the new installment in the shooter series.

Summer Fest 2021 Kickoff Event Game

Jeff Kelly yields With the second edition of Summer Game Fest, albeit with a slightly changed format. Instead of long weeks (too long, in the opinion of many) of individual presentations, at first we will receive a large presentation, followed by smaller conferences organized by event partners. Opening Ceremony (if you can call it that) will be held Thursday, June 10 at 20:00 Poland time. And as part of it, we will receive more than a dozen ?? Ads and materials from games from over 30 publishers and studios, including Activision Blizzard, 2K Games, Epic Games, Sony, Microsoft, Saber Interactive, and many, many other companies.

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Netflix Geeked Week

  1. June 11

Netflix may not be the first brand to be linked with the E3 trade show, which starts on June 4 geek week In no way will he focus on video games. However Planned Friday 11th June show It’s not without reason that Geoff Keighley will host, because the last day of the event will be dedicated to production under the PC Games License. This does not necessarily take into account the second season Wade?? Meena (Although we’ll definitely see him as part of Geeks Weekend), but we know there will be too detect Resident Evil series. The transmission will start at 18:00 Polish time.

E3 2021 - Presentation dates and times - Illustration 1

Netflix is ​​an unexpected guest at this year’s E3.

peak hut

  1. June 11

Koch Media will start its show on Friday 11 June at 21:00 Poland time. We will watch the show in Twichu or on mysterious side Mutual by the publisher. We don’t have any hints about the event program yet, though there is a weird teaser with the expressive name “We know what??, What don’t you know??” It de facto confirms the existence of a larger advertisement. Maybe we’ll see while posting death islandAnd the Saints rowAnd the metroAnd the time divider Or any of the many brands in the Koch Media catalog.

Ubisoft Striker

  1. June 12

Ubisoft will be back With private presentation Next Saturday at 21:00 Poland time, Maybe with the offer far cry?? a 6. It is doubtful that it will be the only main attraction, but so far we do not have any specific information about it. I would definitely like to come back Beyond Good and Evil 2 Or the emergence of a somewhat forgotten brand of a French publisher of this type splinter cell or Rimana.

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guerrilla group

  1. June 5 and 12

To the joy/concern of gamers (delete as applicable), E3 2021 isn’t just big publishers and high-budget productions. It also features standalone games like guerrilla group. This year’s festival will start on June 5, with the first broadcast taking place. ?? the first ?? , because the group consists of incl. Humble games, all in! Games and tinyBuild games are coming back to Tocha June 12. Both broadcasts will be full of advertisements and precursors of many “turkeys”. The event website includes, among others, Polish matches: Ghostrunnera And the Chernobyl. On both days the broadcast will start at 18:00 Polish time.

Xbox and Bethesda Games Gallery

  1. June 13

Sony may have canceled its E3 conference again, but Microsoft as always Will appear During an event with her own conference. As the name suggests, the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will likely feature several advertisements for Bethesda titles. gossip They talk about existence starfieldSome are hoping to see what?? related with Falloutem or The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts. Besides, there is a chance that Obsidian Entertainment will show what?? more with I acknowledge. Who knows, maybe we’ll finally know dokadn Premiere history Psychology Pioneers 2? We will find out on Sunday 13 June at 19:00 Polish time as part of the broadcast on the websites Twitch And the Youtube.

E3 2021 - Presentation dates and times - Illustration 2

The first E3 after Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda should have been filled with ads from the acquired publisher.

Show computer games

When it comes to indie games (and not only), we can’t forget the PC Games Show, which this year will join the Future Games Show. The organizers are preparing more than 150 minutes of advertisements and trailers (to watch them on Youtube And the Twichu). A year ago we saw, among other things Borderlands 3 I Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla And a bunch of turkeys?? Good heart Walheim. This year will likely also see both high-budget titles and smaller productions. The show will take place on June 13, but the broadcast start time has not yet been announced.

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Nintendo Direct

  1. June 15

If you don’t like it Ads Splatoon 3 (And maybe new DLC for Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate), Nintendo’s latest flagship show It wasn’t very exciting. Perhaps more surprises and reasons for euphoria will be presented by the company’s presentation scheduled for June 15 at 6 pm Poland time.. As part of it, won’t we only get about 40 minutes?? Information on Switch titles, plus 3 additional hours of Treehouse Live game material. Of course fans have made a lot of speculation about what we’ll see this time around. It seems almost certain that another warrior will be revealed Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate show The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HDalthoug ?? As usual ?? There are many people who believe in appearing on Nintendo Direct Metroid Prime 4And the Bayonette 3And the Breath of the Wild 2 etc. You can watch the presentation on the websites Youtube And the Twitch

E3 2021 - Presentation dates and times - Illustration 3

Who will be joining the Super Smash Bros. series? This time? Bandicoot Crash? Geralt? Mr. Head?


Aside from publishers organizing their own presentations, this year’s E3 will be attended by companies such as Capcom, Konami and Warner Bros. Games, Take-Two Interactive, and many large or small development studios. Let us remind youThis year, access to the live broadcast of the event will be completely free, Even though it was circulated on the Internet from what?? Gossip time.

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