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Eastern American Regions. In the spring the temperature is twice as high as usual. The heat has made people in the area anxious

Eastern American Regions.  In the spring the temperature is twice as high as usual.  The heat has made people in the area anxious

The eastern part of the United States was hit by severe heat on Saturday. According to weather forecasters, thermometers in many places showed above 35 degrees Celsius, which is more than twice what happened in mid-May. This may be a foretaste of an unusually hot and dry summer, which brings joy to some and fear to others.

This year’s unexpected heat wave hit many parts of eastern America on Saturday. According to the US National Weather Service (NWS), thermometers show almost record values ​​in Boston and New York. Temperatures in the region from Washington to Massachusetts will exceed 35 degrees Celsius. In the same areas, in the spring it is usually 15-20 degrees.

As for Dallas in the state of Texas, it is already known that May this year will be the hottest month in history. The fire is expected to spread across the southwestern part of the state due to strong winds.

Crowd restrictions will be relaxed and crowds will appear on beaches and parks in areas affected by the heat wave, especially in connection with wearing a mask and keeping one’s distance. On Saturday, many New Yorkers experienced sunshine on a beach in Queens’ Rockway Park area.

A sunny day at Rockway ParkReuters

120 million people are on the heat wave

More than 120 million Americans live within the heat wave range. Doctors point out that extreme temperatures can adversely affect the health of those who are heat sensitive, those who work outside, the elderly, the sick and the exhausted.

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The NWS issued a request warning residents to be alert to signs of overheating, to take frequent breaks from work and to stay hydrated if possible.

A sunny day at Rockway ParkReuters

The whole United States can feel the consequences

On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Forecast Center said almost the entire U.S. continent will experience record temperatures this summer. This is pointed out, among others, by the continuing La Nina. This phenomenon occurs when the surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean near the equator, especially below the coast of South America, is below average. This is due to the increased activity of commercial air – permanent air – in this part of the world. They bring cold deep water to the surface of the ocean.

Energy companies warn that extreme temperatures could cause power outages in large parts of the United States. Meanwhile, continuous drought will increase energy demand.

Heat wave in the United StatesReuters

Hot weather in Spain

In Europe, too, temperatures have risen sharply in some areas. In southern Spain, thermometers were above 40 degrees Celsius.

“This episode was very unusual in mid-May and could be one of the most intense in the last 20 years,” said Spanish meteorologist Ruben del Campo.

Heat – a quiet killer

Heat waves are a silent killer, causing more deaths than disasters like floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. It is predicted that the increasing number of heat waves will worsen as the climate warms.

BAP / Maria Samsuk

Main photo source: Reuters

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